10 Maintenance Check for Your Beloved Bicycle


Gear cables:




Most of us might keep our chain clean and well lubed, but do you measure chain wear?

Derailleur hanger:


Brake pads:

Loose and rattling parts:

There may be times when your seemingly perfect bike ride is interrupted by constant noise and creaks. In such situations, locating the source, can be a task. If you are facing any of these rattles and creaks, check for loose bottle cage bolts and jingling items in your saddlebag.

Bar tape:

Often times, cyclist ride with torn, old or worn-out bar tapes. This barely offers any cushioning and spoils the overall look of the cycle. If you are facing this issue, unwrap the bar tape, check the handlebar for corrosion or cracks, replace the cables and wrap a newer tape. It will bring new life to any bike.


It’s very rare to open and check our bicycle gear shifters. The small parts and tiny spring does require oiling. As the bicycle gets exposed to sun, rain and cold, the parts inside could dry up and catch rust. In such cases, undo the bolts or flip the hood of your road bike shifters behind and spray in some WD 40 to prevent rusting. Drip in a few drops of lube as well.



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