10 Tips for Beginners Women Road Cyclists

Many women are taking up cycling as a sport. Some are seen on MTBs and hybrids while others are seen on a road bike.

And if you are one of those who just gifted yourself a brand new road machine, here are a few tips that will develop your skillset and boost your confidence on corners, climbs and flats.

Read on:-

Buy the right size road bike:

Set up your road bike:

Before you head out for a ride, ensure you set up the saddle and handlebar at the right height. This is equally important as much as buying the right frame size. Doing so will ensure you keep injuries and discomfort at bay.

Get a good pair of cycling bib shorts:

cycling shorts for girls

Bib shorts will not only make you look good but offer super comfort on your rides. There are tons of brands selling some of the best cycling bib shorts for women.

Here are three of our favourites:

Just ensure: you don’t wear underwear under your cycling bib shorts (this will only lead to skin irritation and chafing).

Learn to swap an inner tube:

Learn to use the gears correctly:

Shift into an easier gear in time:

a red light or just a stop to refill your bottles. Ensure to shift a few gears down before completely stopping. This way, getting back on the saddle to resume your ride gets much easier and faster.

Pay attention to your position:

Always wear a helmet:

safety gear

Whether you are going on short or long rides, it doesn’t matter. Always, wear a helmet. Besides, keeping you safe, it makes you look professional and serious about your sport.

Get cleats:

You don’t want it to be a disaster.

Find a cycling friend/ Cycling Group:

cycling coronavirus

Cycling is more fun if you are riding with a friend or a group. This gives you a chance to explore new routes, learn tips and hacks from each other and grow as a cyclist. Besides, it feels a lot safer when you have a wingman.

Join sträva:

Recover well:

Share your cycling adventures:

We hope you enjoyed reading these cycling tips for women. Do give it a share if you happen to know women who are into road biking or are looking to get started.



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