101 Cycling Tips for Beginners That Will Get You off to a Great Start!

Buying a bicycle:

  • Budget- First things first. You are free to dream about the bicycle you saw your favourite Tour de France rider ride over a steep hill and win KOM. But let’s leave it there, in our dreams. It won’t break, cost a fortune or won’t require maintenance. You will only win classics and grand tours. On the other hand, a budget will help you decide the type of bicycle you can afford to buy. It will also let you filter down to the type of bicycle.
  • Purpose: Everyone has a purpose to buy a bicycle. Either fitness, commute, racing or long distance. Figure out the purpose and stick to it no matter what temptations.
  • Type of bike: Now that you have already decided your budget and purpose, you will be in a much better position to shortlist a bicycle. Go ahead and figure out whether your budget lets you buy a road, hybrid or an MTB.
  • Test Ride- While many of you might consider buying a bicycle online. However, before you get one consider going for a test ride. So head to the local bicycle store and try it out yourself before buying.

5. Frame Size:

6. Bike fit:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve overall performance on the bike
  • Enhance overall comfort of the rider
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency

7. Cycling jersey:

8. Padded shorts:

9. Helmet:

10. Cycling glasses:

11. Cycling gloves:

12. Allen Key:

13. Good lubricant(oil):

14. Tyre pressure:

15. Clean your bike:

16. Puncture kit:

17. Learn how to fix a puncture:

18. Be safe:

19. Be Seen:

  • That let you see
  • Others that let you be seen

20. Headlight:

21. Hand gestures:

Food and nutrition: cycling tips for beginners

22. Sleep:

23. Eat a Good breakfast:

24. Bonking:

25. Hydration:

26. Cramping:

30. Be cautions on the gravel:

31. Learn the art of riding in a group:

32. Cross -chaining gears:

33. Cadence is the key:

34. Braking:

35. Switch to clip in pedals:

36. Join a local WhatsApp group:

37. Download a cycling app:

38. Wave at other riders:

Tips for cycling uphill

39. Cycle uphill

40. Cash:

41. Switch to a lower gear:

42. Breathe and pedal:

43. Stay focussed:

44. Fight the tendency to shift gears:

45. Climb it in your head:

46. Is there a right gear?

47. Stand or sit?

48. Start with your diet:

49. Ride regularly, Ride more:

50. Eat carbs and lose fat:

51. Cross train in the gym:

52. Weekly long and easy rides:

53. Recover like a pro:

54. High intensity interval training:

Cycling tips techniques for beginners:

55. Keep your upper body relaxed:

56. Focus on push phase:

57. Riding with one hand:

57. Invest in a good wet lube:

58. Reduce tyre pressure:

59. Get good mudguards:

60. Check the weather:

61.Brake before you break:

62. Carry spare tubes and not puncture kits:

63: Stuff newspaper in your shoes:

64. Wash your bike:

65. Calves:

66. Quadriceps

  • Stand straight and reach back with your right hand and grab your right foot at the top of the ankle
  • Pull it upwards
  • Hold for 10–15 seconds
  • Repeat with right leg

67. IT band:

68. Hamstring:

69. Gluteus:

70. Neck and Shoulder:

71. Hand position:

74. Don’t ride with headphones on:

75.Keep your head up:

76. Change position while riding:

77. Don’t pedal in high gear for extended periods of time:

78. Use your gears:

79. Left foot down:

80. Get a better saddle:

81. Bike positioning:

82. Go to the doctor:

83.Try Chamios cream:

84. Tea tree oil:

85. Keep it clean:

86. Clean shorts:

Cycling tips to treat road rash:

87. Wash the word properly:

88. Dress your wound:

Summer cycling tips for beginners:

89. Go early:

90. Use a sunscreen:

91. Hydrate with a plan:

92. Wear light colours clothes:

93. Take it easy:

94. Remember to eat:

95. Think about your route:

96. Cool down before ending your session:

97. Keep hydrating:

98. Power up recovery period:

99. Get a massage:

100. Rest with plenty of rest:

101. Compression socks:



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