13 Things to Gift a Cyclist Before Christmas!

We all grew up listening to stories about Santa Clause. Well, now as we are grown-ups, we learned the truth. Santa is just a fairy tale. However, there are our loved ones who play that role in our lives.

Gifting us with presents every now and then. They know your taste and likings, don’t they? Calling these people your Santa isn’t really a bad idea. Especially if they know about your love for cycling.

And with the Christmas season around the corner, ‘ek Gift toh banta hain boss’!

While we have certainly worked our way to collate a list for you, hinting it subtly to your loved ones is your part of the job ;)

Sow without any further adieu, let’s run through the gift ideas!

1.Ass Savers:

Ass Savers are essentials that we often don’t give importance too. Having these installed on your bike will make you enjoy your ride without messing your uniform.


Cyclists usually like books, beer, coffee and bikes and bikes and more bike!

Ha Ha Ha, we even like accessories!

None the less, we also like reading more about cycling and cyclist across the globe, and their achievements.

Here’s our list of the best cycling books to read!

3.Membership (Zomato and Doolally):

Besides cycling, exploring new routes and making new friends, there are two more things we like.

Food and Beer!

And what better than buying Zomato gold membership for a cycling friend or a yearly membership and the famous Doolally?

You decide what your cycling friend loves, more food or more beer?

Or maybe even both;)

4. Muc-off kit:

A bicycle is the pride of every cyclist.

And keeping his/her pride in top-notch condition isn’t always easy.

Some stains just won’t go on a vacation, even with Christmas and new year around!

So what do you do?

You gift them the Muc-off cleaning kit!

5.Cycling computer:

Well, you already might be having one for quite sometime, but there’s always an opportunity for you to upgrade or just get a better one.

Here’ a list of some of the best cycle computers you can buy!


Good Cycle Computers:-



If you don’t have a smartwatch, maybe it’s time you get someone to gift you one.

From the cheapest to the most expensive ones are all listed here.

Cheap best Fitness bands that are a good gifting idea:

Best Smart Watch Gifts:

Our list of best smart watches!

8.The Haloglow helmet:INR 4550

There’s nothing better than a helmet with lights this festive season. Wear it, flaunt it and ride safer in 2019.

Full review can be read here- Haloglow Helmet

To place your orders, email us at velocrushonline@gmail.com

9. Coffee maker:

Well, you can’t always be high and ride your bike, right? To keep things simple and happening, there’s always coffee.

Check out some of the best coffee makers on Amazon!

10. Indoor trainer:

It’s cold outside, and getting up could be a task and riding outdoors can be another.

Get someone to get you a home trainer and you are sorted for the next and the next and the next winter;)

11. Tyres:

Last but not the least, all this riding is going to burn those tyres. So a present like tyres could do the trick.

12.Velocrush tee shirt: INR 495

We don’t only ride bikes.

We live, dream and think about cycling.

This includes wearing everything related to cycling.

So we have our first ever Velocrush India T-shirt that we think you should buy!

Check it out!

13. Bombucha Drink:

With the festive season, we eat pretty much everything and anything. We really don’t care of our internals. So why not gift something healthy to your loved ones?

Bombucha Drink is the way to go! This way, you will keep your gut healthy

Without you worrying too much!

Don’t wait for anyone to gift this to you.

Just buy and try it now!

Here are 13 of our favourite Christmas presents to gift a cyclist, feel free to comment and let us know if you have any in mind!



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