15 Best Cycling Memes That Will Help You Beat Your Monday Blues

Velocrush India
3 min readJul 22, 2018

“I LOVE Mondays!” said no one ever. Most of us don’t like Mondays because it only means the start to the five-day work week. While most of you will be staring at your desktop/laptop screens for hours together today, why not take some time to kill that Monday vibe!

Here are the best cycling memes that will help you beat the Monday blues.

1. Dard bole toh

2. Papa kehte hai bada naam karega…

3. Cycling karlo Sanju beta, kisi ne na roka hai!

4. This isn’t a Monsoon ‘sponsored’ post!

5. Bike ki feelings samjho!

6. We never have enough! Do we?

7. Ek he number 1 solution!

8. Jab pyaar kissi se hota hai…

9. No touching no kissing, only seeing.

10. Jab we met the Italians!

11. Style mein rehne ka.. magar dhyaan se dekh kar chalana ka…

12. Don’t get us started!

13. Apna sapna..naya cycle cycle!

14. Ye yoga-shoga kya hai?

15. Jab ride record na ho, aise lagta hai bhagwan apni papon ki saza de raha hai.

If you relate to these memes, leave a comment below and tell us which one was your favourite one!