5 Best Cycling Tools — Essential Bike Tools to Carry [ 2021]

Imagine going on a date and you forget to carry your wallet to pay for dinner. Or you reach office just to realise you left you Laptop at home. That feeling of frustration has no limit. Cyclist feel the same when they forget to carry the must have cycle tools!

If you ever got a puncture or happened to experience a loose bolt that needs to be tightened right away, you will know!

Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best cycling tools every cyclist should have when out on a short or long ride.

Multi Tool Set:

No cyclist feels complete without a good set of Allen keys. These Allens keys not only help you tighten or loosen bolts but ensure to keep the fun between your legs. Whether a derailleur adjustment or just a loose bolt, they are a must have! So, whichever Allen key set you choose to buy, ensure to have the following:-

  1. Allen key no 4
  2. Allen key no 5
  3. Allen key no 6
  4. 4 way screw driver

We strongly advice you to buy Allen keys its that offer long keys. This makes it easy to reach out in difficult spots offering more leverage to tighten or loosen.

Amazon Links:

Best Cycle Accessories:- Link

Best MTB Cycles in India- Link

Best single speed cycle under 10000 — Link

Puncture Kit:

No matter how good your tires or tubes are, punctures happen. If not you, your cycling buddy might need a hand to fix one. So ensure to carry a good puncture kit. A few patches, a small tube of glue, sand paper and tire levers.

While most of you might be carrying a puncture kit, make it a point to learn how to use it correctly. It will save time and frustration when the patch won’t hold the tube.

You can also carry a spare tube along if you don’t wish to fix the flat right away.

Amazon Links:

Chain Breaker:

This might be the tool that you might need on a rare occasion, but trust us, if you don’t have this with you and the chain breaks, it might just be the end of your ride.

However, with a chain tool, you have higher chances of riding back home instead of walking!

Amazon Links:

Small adjustable wrench:

If the rear wheel of your bicycle requires you to loosen bolts, make it a point to invest in a small adjustable wrench. Chances are you might even require it to adjust your brake cable or rear derailleur cable.

This one tool will take are of all these issues.

Amazon Links:

Mini Pump:

Even though you might have a bicycle floor pump at home, a mini pump is a saviour. Get a good mini pump that’s compact and helps you get back on your bike within minutes.

Amazon Links:

These are the very first tools you’ll need to perform the vast majority of cycle repairs. So buy these cycling tools and spend sometime learning how to use them. And don’t forget to carry them on your next ride.




Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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