5 Bicycle Maintenance Hacks that can be done at Home

Velocrush India
3 min readJul 2, 2022


Most of us prefer going to a trusted mechanic or a trusted bicycle shop to repair or service our bike. These trips can usually cost you a fee. In such cases, doing basic repairs at home can save time and money.

So if you think you are confident and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, here are a few bicycle maintenance hacks you can do at home.

Clean your bicycle chain:

Bicycle chains are one of the parts that moves the most and attracts a lot of dirt. Keeping it clean will not only increase its lifespan but also ensure a smoother ride and grease free clothes. Clean, dry and re-lube your chain.

Dishwashing liquid like Pril will be just fine. However, for better results get a good degreaser. There are plenty of eco-friendly degreasers you can choose from.

Once you are done cleaning, make it a point to dry it and then apply lube. When it comes to applying lube, ensure to apply half a drop or one drop on each roller. Remember, more is not better here!

Washing your bicycle:

There’s nothing like riding a clean bicycle on a Sunday morning. Or rather any morning or night. And by doing so, it does deserve some TLC.

All you need is the following to get you started.

  1. A bucket
  2. Dishwashing liquid + Water
  3. Clean cloth
  4. A few brushes

And you are good to good.

Start by cleaning the drive train (chain, FD, RD and Cassette)

Then move on to the bicycle frame, fork and the tyres.

Tyre pressure:

Are you getting too many punctures?

This could be because you are running on low tire pressure.

Riding your bicycle on low tire pressure can cause your tube to get pinched against the rim. Riding on a high tyre pressure can make your ride feel a bit too bumpy. Besides, tyre pressure also varies depending on the weather conditions and the type of road you are riding on.

So spend some time finding and riding non different tyre pressure that suits you and doesn’t go flat too. If you are a heavier rider, fill the tyre to its maximum and vice versa until you find the ideal tyre pressure that suits you.

For more about tyre pressure, read here-

Wheel truing:

This might seem to be hard or confusing for most of you. However, pair a bit of patience and confidence and you are good to go. Wheel alignment can be tricky but trust us, a bit of practice is all you need. A spoken wrench, a string and a small pencil should be enough to get you started.

Tie the pencil to the fork as shown in the image below. And you can use it as a guide to true your wheel. Now turn the wheel and identify which side of the rim brushes the tip of the pencil. Once you find the spot, tighten the spoke coming from the opposite side of the hub. Once tightened by a quarter, loosen the spokes on either side of the spoke that you just tightened. Turn the wheel and check. Move to other areas of the rim and repeat the same process.

Gear tune up:

This might be the trickiest part for most of you. With limit screws, barrel adjustment, tune ups won’t be easy at all if you don’t understand the parts and their functionality. So if you have no idea, this might be the time you take the bicycle to a mechanic. Turning the limit screws without understanding could lead to an expensive mistake. In such cases, do drop by at our workshop for any bicycle repair service that you desire. To book an appointment, call/whatsapp +91 8928041081

Besides, We at Velocrush conduct bicycle repair workshops for enthusiasts who want to improve their repairing skills.