7 Ways Cyclist Can Contribute to Road Safety Week in India

Velocrush India
3 min readJan 14, 2019


We make cycling on the road look so easy at times. Sticking to the left, cutting through traffic, manoeuvring over potholes and more. However, there are times, we have a fall due to a mishap or poor road safety.

With our country celebrating, road safety week, velocrush India gives you 9 ways you can not only ride safe but also do your bit.

Wear a helmet:

We know, we keep saying this. But this is the most basic precaution you can take before heading out. Wearing a good quality helmet reduces your risk of death in a crash by 49%. Get the right size helmet for your head and get into the habit of wearing it. And don’t forget to preach it to others. Here’s our guide to buying the right bicycle helmet.

Stick to the left:

If you ask us which is the safest part of the road, we would say none. But as per traffic rules, sticking to the left is the best way to go. Hold your line and make sure you watch out for opening car doors and pedestrians walking in their own world.

Also, don’t forget to look on your right.

Keep calm and ride on:

Everyone is in a hurry to reach the next signal. Just to find themselves stopped by a red light. In this bargain, the cut, change lanes, over speed and what not. At times, we are caught between the lines and are forced to lose our temper. But don’t let that loose your calm.

Wear a reflective vest:

Often, we leave our homes before the dawn cracks. We also enjoy riding under the moonlight, don’t we? The vacant roads, street lamps is the perfect stage for you to ride on. The thrill can be fun in the dark but you also need to remember, there are a few prowlers sitting behind a steering wheel who think the same.

Stop on Red:

If you want respect, make sure you give it first. One easiest way is to stop at the red light just like other cars. So avoid beating the red. Whether you are on your bicycle, car or on foot, avoid stop on red. Once it’s green, look in all directions and once it is clear, go ahead.

Share the road:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a cyclist, driver or a pedestrian, everyone has equal rights on the road. You are not the only person, right?

So ensure to stay focussed and recognise their rights to use the road too.

Use hand signals:

Making others aware on the road by using hand signals will not only inform them where or which side you are heading, but it will also let them take the right decisions. Indirectly this will avoid any kind of mishap or accident.

We advise you not to take road safety lightly.

So don’t go out there and just preach, ensure you also practice it day in and day out.

Ride safe!