8 Noises You Hear on a Ride and How to Fix Them

Velocrush India
3 min readFeb 15, 2018

You are in the middle of your ride. The suns out and the weather seems perfect. It already seems like a good day. With the birds chirping and the wheels rolling smoothly, everything is just like you wanted on a long ride. You keep pedalling to your destination until suddenly, you hear some squeaking noise coming from your bike.

That squeaking, cluttering and clicking noise marks the end of your beautiful ride.

Doesn’t it?

With every pedal, there’s havoc in your head.

Here are a few diagnoses that will help you fix that squeak and let you enjoy a stress-free ride-

#1: Squeaking:

Squeaking commonly occurs when the components of your bike are not well-oiled. If your chain isn’t lubed well, it’s time to apply some lube. Squeaks also come from a dirty chain that needs to be oiled. If this is not the issue, ensure to take a look at the derailleur pulley, bearings or cables. They could create this nuisance too.

Velo Tip:

Keep your chain and components, clean and oiled/greased.

#2 Squeaking 2(Not from the chain):

This kind of squeaking can be caused due to a shoe cleat or the pedal.

Velo Tip:

If the sound comes from the pedal, apply grease to the threads. If it’s from the cleats, ensure all the bolts are tight.

#3 Scraping:

At times, our derailleur is not aligned correctly. This causes the chain to rub on the derailleur when you shift into high or low gears.

Velo Tip:

A good way to fix this is by fixing the tension on the front derailleur cables. If you still hear the scraping, readjust the high and low limit screws.

#4 Rattling:

This kind of sound usually comes when your bottle cage is loose or your cables are slapping against the frame.

Velo Tip:

Tighten the bolts of the cage. Put a washer if required. If it’s the cables, adjust the tension.

#5 Creaking when you’re pedalling:

Enough of blaming the drive train, cables and pedals. If you hear a creaking sound even when you’re coasting, it’s more likely coming from the seat post, saddle or brakes.

Velo Tip:

Greasing the spot where you insert the seat post and the rails where it attaches to the saddle. If brake rub is causing the squeaking, you might need to align your wheel properly. If that doesn’t help, check the wheel. You may need to true it.

#6 Loud Creaking:

The fixing bolts that attach your crank to your bottom bracket could be loose. This causes the crank to creak loudly as you pedal.

Velo Tip:

Lubricate and tighten the fixing bolts that hold the crank to the bottom bracket spindles.

#7 Clicking when you pedal:

If your rear derailleur is misaligned, it could affect the way the chain sits on the cogs giving rise to the click that ruins our sanity while on a ride.

Velo Tip:

Adjust the derailleur cable tension. Also, check the derailleur hanger in case it is bent.

# 8 Crunching or Clunking:

If the right bottom bracket cup becomes loose, you’ll hear a clunk as the left crank goes 12 o’clock position on the pedal stroke.

Velo Tip:

Retighten you bottom bracket cups. It is best you visit the bicycle shop as special tools will be required.

The best way to avoid these kinds of issues is by taking care of your bike. Ensure to clean it regularly and oil it as and when required. Also, don’t forget to get a regular bike check-up don. If any issues get it fixed right there.

Originally published at Velocrushindia.