A Walk Through the 5th Zero Emission Night Ride 2018

Finally, the day had arrived. The night we cyclists looked forward to taking on the Mumbai roads on our fancy bikes. As the full moon started to don the sky, cyclists across the whole of Mumbai quietly gathered near the Thane Gurdwara on the service road.

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3 min readMay 1, 2018
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While the night started to take over, more cyclists gathered in small and big groups. Kalyan cyclists, wheels and barrels, Buddy riders, Thane cyclists were just a few who were all geared to Ride to the southern part of the city.

With the clock striking 10, we took on the road and pedalled via the Eastern Express Highway (EEH). Then it was only the road, the cyclists, the full moon and the mob watching us awestruck! Cyclists of all ages rode together to make this night ride come alive. It was a sight to watch as they laughed, cracked jokes and rode as if there’s no tomorrow.

The peloton moved quickly under the full moon night sky adding more riders to the already massive group of cyclists.

Here are a few glimpses of the 5th Zero Emission Night ride!

Cyclists gathering at the starting point

Everyone in a pleasant mood

The support vehicle that stole everyone’s heart

Photo toh Banta hai boss!

Bhai Bhook lagi hai, ek aur dey na!

5th Zero Emission Night Ride

Oh, we also met Madhura Waykar — One of the most talented young cyclists from Mumbai.

Madhura has the following titles under her name and we will soon be publishing her Interview.
1. National road junior cycling champion 2017(TT & Mass start)
2. National road junior cycling champion 2016(TT)
3. Cycle Master 2016
4. Mumbai champion 2016 and 2015
5. State Track Cycling Champion 2013

She has also represented India at the Asian Track Cycling Championship in 2017!

5th Zero Emission Night Ride

After the ride was completed successfully, Digamber Chaudhari the core member stated that “A big thank you to all the riders for coming out in huge numbers and riding as one for the ZEROEMISSION night ride. I’m glad that everyone followed traffic rules and safety precautions. I would also like to thank all VOLUNTEERS who gave their time to coordinate and ensured this ride is a grand success. With this, we hope to add cycling to your daily commute. The ZE team also wishes that you join in again for the 6th ZERO EMISSION night ride on 30th April 2019 with more friends and colleagues.”

While the ZE night ride welcomed the Maharashtra Day, The Cyclists Reunion Ride took the Baton forward.

Meanwhile, Cyc’d Riders Club from South Mumbai also launched their Jersey.

5th Zero Emission Night Ride
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