When we first got in touch with him for an interview, we were informed about his interest to ride from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to increase awareness about disability. The funds which will be raised from this ride will be contributed to setting up a sports institute for differently-abled. And here we are delighted to inform you about his achievement of completing the supported bicycle expedition(3721 km in 36 hours). Aditya is the first and only physically challenged to undertake the North South India expedition.

Most of us may have faced an accident, a failure or setback that made us feel like giving up on life. The problems may often seem endless and the burden unbearable.Not everyone can pull themselves together after a tragedy and emerge stronger. However, it’s brave hearts like Aditya Mehta who inspire us to move on. Hyderabad’s charm Aditya Mehta had lost all hopes of living when he came across a massive accident costing him a leg amputation right up till his thigh.

When all seemed lost, cycling helped Aditya Mehta cyclist rediscover himself. Since then, it’s been no looking back for Aditya, as he cycles his way across the country, inspiring fellow Indians and the physically challenged to discover the joy of living and cycling.

“Limitations only go so far.” ~Robert M

The Quote of Robert M is what drives Aditya further. In a freak accident, Aditya Mehta lost his right leg. His leg was amputated above the knee. He soon discovered cycling and it became his passion.

He started cycling around Hyderabad and eventually rode Hyderabad to Bangalore in the last 20 months he rode over 25000KMS and over 150 times he’s ridden more than 100Kms at a stretch. He soon Participated at the Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2013 and won 2 silver medals. Aditya was also featured in the Limca Book records in 2013 for the fastest 100 Kms with an artificial limb.

Aditya Mehta on his Facebook pages stated his gratitude to all his followers for the valuable support they provided for the Limca Record. He also went on to add, “I consider myself to be blessed not just with the second life I am gifted, but also, with the positive vibes I get from my good wishers which strengthen me to prove myself better day by day.”

“Courage and strength are not the absence of fear — it’s refusing to assume the role of a victim” — Anne Wafula Strike

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Indian Cycling Under One Roof