Ask Yourself These 12 Questions Before You Get into Cycling!

1. Why am I riding?

  • Is it because you need to start leading a healthy lifestyle?
  • Is it because you want to commute and avoid the peak traffic?
  • Do you want to get into long distance cycling?
  • Do you want to go cycling across India?

2. What type of cycling should I buy?

3. How much should I spend on my bike?

4. Does my body type affect what I can do on a bike?

5. Will a helmet save my life?

6. Where should I go cycling?

7. How to go about buying a bicycling?

  • Groupset: Collective noun for gears and brake
  • Cassette: Rear gear
  • Chainrings/chainset: Front gears
  • Derailleur/mech: Mechanism that changes gear
  • Deep sections: Wheels that have a deep rim
  • Cadence: Pedalling speed (revs per minute).

8.What are the accessories that I need to buy?

9. What should I eat?

10. Should you shave your legs?

11. Should I Cross train in the gym?

12. OK, i’m in. Where’s my next cycling trip?




Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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Velocrush India

Velocrush India

Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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