Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults Price and Review [2021]

But before we get into the minute details, a few benefits of buying the Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults caused no injuries to anyone:

  • Protect against brain injuries: A severe brain injury can have a catastrophic effect on a person’s life. Besides, brain injuries are a major cause of cycling related deaths. However, these deaths could be avoided with the help of wearing the good/best cycling helmet.
  • Studies show that wearing a helmet will reduce your risk of serious brain injury by up to 88%. These numbers are good enough for you to invest in the best cycling helmet.
  • Make you more visible to vehicles:
    There are times when accidents have taken place due to the car driver not being able to see the cyclist. Wearing a brightly colored helmet will make all the difference. It will make you look visible in traffic and lessen your chance of an accident. If you need more visibility, you can go a step further and add reflective tape onto your helmet.
  • A small light can also be installed on the back of your helmet. These small changes can make you more visible in low light situations. In a country like India, where cycling is considered a poor man’s bread; wearing a helmet makes you look serious. As a result, people give you respect. Try it.
  • Weather protection: Most of the helmets that are available in the market, come with handy visors in the front. This aids in keeping away rainfall, provide shade from the sun.
    Still looking for more reasons to wear a helmet? Have a look at the importance of wearing a helmet.
  • Time Trial and Triathlon Helmets:
    If you are looking to get into triathlon or time trial racing, get a time trial helmet. These helmets are specifically shaped to cut through the air at high speeds. They are easily differentiated as they are different and look completely weird.
  • source-
  • They are very rare to be found on Indian roads. You will find them in a bicycle store. Rounded at the front and sometimes with a Face shield, these helmets come with a long pointy back.
    If you happen to try one, you will immediately look like the thing from “Alien.”
  • Urban/Commuter Helmets:
    A commuter helmet has more coverage to protect you in times of a crash or accident. These helmets are perfect if you are looking for extra protection. This makes them ideal for city riding or cruising around town. However, don’t make the mistake of wearing it for too long or for a hard ride. It will cook your head like an egg.
  • Road Helmets:
Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults
  • These bicycle helmets are much lighter and compact. Besides, they are pretty aerodynamic as well, offering a lot of ventilation to keep you cool.
    However, the lighter and more aerodynamic the helmet is, the pricier it gets. This is so because of the technology and engineering that takes to make it so good.
  • Mountain Bike Helmets:
Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults
  • Mountain bike helmets offer more coverage in the back and sides. However, it offers less ventilation as compared to Road bike helmets. These helmets also come with visors.
  1. I don’t need a helmet just like I don’t need a license
  2. I’m just cycling around, why need a helmet?
  3. I don’t want to spoil my hair:
  4. I’m too good to wear a helmet:
  5. A helmet is a helmet. I’ll get a simple and cheap one that gets the job done
  6. I will buy one to avoid the cops and fines (for motorbike riders)
  7. Motorbikers don’t care to wear a bike helmet, why should I?
  1. The straps should form a nice, even “V” under your earlobes. You should be able to fit one finger under the chinstrap

How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Correctly?

Before you take on the streets and head out with the fun comes the responsibility to ride safely. Sharing the road with automobiles is a big concern for any cyclist but any “crash” or fall from a bicycle has the potential to cause injuries. In such cases, wearing a helmet is a must. It will surely prevent serious head injuries, brain damage and death.

List of the Best bicycles under INR 10000!

Here’s a list of some of the Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults:-

Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults

Decathlon Btwin Helmet: Bicycle helmet decathlon


Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults
Best Bicycle Helmets for Adults

Mountain Bike Helmet 500:

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet by decathlon that offers good ventilation and can be worn for longer rides, the decathlon mountain bike helmet 500 is a good choice. The helmet offers good protection and is easy to adjust using the dial. Besides, the sponge inside of the helmet can be easily removed, washed and reinstalled with ease.

bicycle helmet decathlon



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