Best Cycle Accessories List Online in India — Essentials [2021]

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11 min readJun 23, 2020

Once you get into cycling, there is no stopping to the number of best bicycle accessories you would want to buy. Whether cycling apparel, tyres, lights or tubes, the best cycle accessories list never seems to end. It reaches such a point that your wife or parents start yelling at you because you won’t stop buying those expensive cycle accessories. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have storage space as well.

However, there are a few best bicycle accessories in India that every cyclist must have. These best cycle accessories not only help him protect you from harsh weather but make riding worthwhile.

Here’s our some of the best cycle accessories list in India that every cyclist should consider paying attention too. They will not only keep you safe but also ensure you are comfortable and help you in times of difficulty.


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The most important cycle accessory that tops our list is the bicycle helmet. A good bicycle helmet is a must-have accessory for every cyclist. It offers protection and safety in times of a crash or fall and ensures to keep head injuries away. Make sure to get the right bicycle helmet that suits your requirements. There are many special types of bicycle helmets that are available in the market. You can also buy these best cycle accessories from Decathlon, Amazon and Flipkart.

Read our list of importance of wearing a helmet.

Some Cycling helmets we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Lista Outdoor Helmet- Buy Link
  2. Lista Outdoor Sport Bicycle Helmet — Buy Link
  3. Firefox Bicycle Helmet:Buy Link
  4. Hero in-Mould Adult Cycle Helmet- Buy Link
  5. Mountain Bike Helmet 500- Buy Link
  6. RoadR 500 Road Cycling Helmet- Buy Link


A good pair of cycling glasses will not only make you look good but also protect your eyes from dirt, dust and any projectiles. Moreover, cycle glasses will also help you protect your eyes from UV radiation.

When you go out to buy a pair of glasses, go for those that are one piece lighter and do not fog. There are also a variety of lens covers available that are suitable for the different time of the day.

Some Cycling helmets we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. JERN Polarized Cycling Glasses- Buy Link
  2. Vast day and Night Glasses- Buy Link
  3. RoadR 900 Adult Cycling Glasses- Buy Link
  4. Roadr 500 Adult Cycling Cat 3 Sunglasses- Buy Link
  5. Cat 0 + 3 Interchangeable Anti-Fogging XC Mountain Bike Glasses- Buy Link

Cycling Gloves:

Wearing high- quality cycling gloves prevent blisters, chafing and other discomfort caused due to friction from road vibration. In times of a fall, cycling gloves will prevent the entry of gravel in your hands.

Some Cycling Gloves we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Nivia Cycling Gloves- Buy Link
  2. Triban RR900 Cycling Gloves- Buy Link
  3. Btwin Bike Gloves — Buy Link

Water bottle:

A water bottle is another must-have accessory that you need to have with you. High-quality water bottles help you keep your water cool in summer and warm in winter. Water bottles or sippers like the Camelbak are one of the best bottles for cyclists.

Some Cycling Gloves we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Nivia Radar Sports Bottle- Buy Link
  2. Btwin Mobility 100 — Buy Link

Bottle Cage:

You might have noticed that bicycle manufacturers do not offer bottle stand, kickstand and even pedals for that matter. Hence, these best cycle accessories are compulsory for you to buy.

Some Bottle cage we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Btwin 500 Cycling Bottle Cage- Buy Link

Bicycle Stand:

There are times when we used to purchase bicycles when bicycle accessorises were inclusive of the cost. However, in today’s world, brands sell only bicycles. As a result, you are required to buy bicycle accessorises separately at an additional cost. This might seem to be a downside, however, this allows you to choose the best cycle accessorises as per your requirements and are suited better for you.

Some Bike Stand we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Adjustable Aluminum MTB Road Bicycle Kickstand- Buy Link


Usually, mudguards are not required in India during summer and winter, however, when the monsoon arrives, there is an urgent need to buy this cycle accessory. If you prefer cycling in the rain, getting a good pair of mudguards is a must. They will not only make cycling fun in the rain but also ensure to keep the muck off your face.

Here are some of the best cycling mudguards you can buy online.

Some Bicycle Mudguards we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Dark Horse Mud Guards- Buy Link
  2. Dark Horse Bicycle Mudguards- Buy Link

Cycling light:

There will be times when you will be tempted to go for a midnight ride. The experience is completely different, trust us! In such cases, a good cycling light in the front and back will be of great help. If you’re going to be cycling in the night, ensure to invest in a good cycling light as they help you see and be seen by others. Don’t forget to consider looking at bicycle taillights or backlights as well.

Some Cycling Lights we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Fastped LED Bicycle Light — Buy Link
  2. Bulfyss Combo of LED-Laser Tail Light- Buy Link

Cycling Jersey:

We often see newbie cyclists wearing a normal jersey or a tee shirt and ride around the city. Investing in cycle accessories like cycling jersey can make all the difference. They make riding more comfortable by wicking moisture towards the outside. Cycling jerseys have pockets at the back that permit you to carry their phone, spare puncture kit, money, food, tools and more.

Some Cycling Lights we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Buy Cycling Jersey (Recomended)

If you are new to cycling, here is a guide on How to buy a cycling jersey

Bib shorts:

While sitting for prolonged hours on the saddle will make your rear hurt, bib shorts certainly come to your rescue. Bib shorts help keep the padding in place and reduce the spanking from the seat. Read all the benefits of wearing cycling shorts or bib shorts by clicking here.

Here is a article on cycling shorts vs bib Shorts- Read to find out what suits you better?

Cycle pump:

You might have a floor pump but not a hand pump and buying one is completely fine for emergency situations. So go ahead and get yourself a Road Morph G, it’s a good investment and you won’t regret it ever. This pump is small, lightweight and provides a quick, easy solution to flats on the road or trail.

Cycling reflective vest:

Sometimes, night riding might require more protection. In such cases, a reflective vest is a brilliant idea. Consider buying one in fluorescent colour, they ensure you are seen in any kind of weather. We are sure your family will be less relieved after you buy a reflective vest.

Some Cycling Lights we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Reflectosafe: Buy Link

Puncture kit:

You might have a good hand pump but don’t you think a puncture kit is equally important? Well, having one is half the job done. Do learn how to fix a puncture too! This link should help you out.

Spare tube:

source bicycling

At times fixing a flat can be a daunting task, especially during monsoon. Consider carrying a spare tube along. It will easily fit in your saddle bag. If you’re looking for monsoon cycling tips, read this.

Cycling pouch/saddle bag:

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Source — Magnus Gear

You can’t ride with all these things stuffed in your jersey back pocket. Consider buying a good saddle bag that fits right under your bicycle seat. You can store your spare tube, puncture kit, Allen key set and more.

Mobile Holder:

Nobody likes invading outdoors without their phone with a full battery and starve recording their activity. If you are one of those, it’s time you get yourself a mobile holder for the bicycle. This way you will be able to track your average speed, distance, time and even attend calls or messaged if required. Just make sure you stop by the side of the road before answering or making calls.

Some Mobile holders we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Mobile holder- Buy link
  2. Universal mobile mount for cycle — Buy Link
  3. Waterproof Mobile holder- Buy Link


Mot of the bicycle these days do not come with a bell or a horn that’s fitted with. As a result, you are required to spend some money and buy a new one. And if you are looking to get yourself this cycling accessory, there are plenty you can find online.

Some Bicycle Bells we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Firefox Bicycle Alloy Bell- Buy Link
  2. Bicycle Electronic Horn- Buy Link
  3. Btwin Aluminium Bell — Buy link

Car Rack:

If you prefer carrying your cycle to places and then go cycling on good country roads or off roads with your friends, a car rack is what you should consider buying. There are spleeny of car racks you can buy at different prices. They are easy to mount and discount and can be easily cary 2- 3 bicycles with ease.

bicycle accessories India

Some Bicycle Car Racks we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Car Rack buy link
  2. Decathlon Car Rack for bicycle buy link

Cycle lock:

No list of cycle accessories is complete without a reliable bicycle lock. Wrap it and lock it around your bike and ride around town whenever, wherever.

Best Cycle accessories

Some Bicycle Locks we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Numlock — Buy Link
  2. Btwin Decathlon Bike Lock- Buy Link
  3. Bike Chain Lock — Buy Link (Highly Recommended)


cycle accessories

We all love measuring our distance, time and speed. Heck, after a point of time, you even love going after those segments on Strava. While looking into the phone and riding might not be such a great idea, a cyclocomputer can be the ideal choice. Mount it on your bike and off you go!

Some Bicycle Locks we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. MOHAK Back Light Waterproof Bicycle Computer — Buy Link
  2. Hero YS — 708 Cycle Computer — Buy Link
  3. Btwin 500 Wireless Cyclometer (Black)- Buy Link

Reflective Vest:

Those who prefer cycling early morning or late night, besides bicycle lights, ti’s important to buy a good reflective vest. You might not like the extra weight but trust us, wearing a reflective vest will make you seen by other vehicles and keep you safe. Besides, you don’t need to spend a lot when it comes to this bicycle accessory.

Cycle Accessories Decathlon

When it comes to sporting goods, decathlon has become synonyms. It is also very popular when it comes to cycling or cycle accessorises. And if you are looking for affordable and reliable cycle accessories by decathlon, here is a list of some of our personal favourites.

500 Bike Bottle Cage — Black

A decently priced bottle cage that is suitable for any type of bicycle is this bike bottle cage. It’s available in white, blue, red and more. The cage is pretty good and holds the bottle in place and prevents it from popping out. Also, it allows you to remove the bottle easily with one hand while cycling at the same time.

bicycle accessories decathlon

Click to Buy Cycle accessories Decathlon

Sports Bottle 550 ml:

cycle accessorises decathlon

This is one of the cheapest bottle that you can buy. The quality is pretty decent but gets the job done. We like it a lot as it’s pretty easy to squeeze the water from the bottle straight into your mouth while cycling simultaneously. Just make sure you close the cap of the bottle properly as it might leak water from the sides. Buy two of these, fill one with electron and the other with water and you are good to go.

Click to Buy Cycle Accessories Decathlon

Wall Mount:

If you don’t have space at home or are looking for a good place to mount your cycle on the wall, consider getting a good wall mount. The right ones will not only store your bike safely but ensure you don’t use up much space and keep your bike safe.

Here are some of our favourite wall mounts.

Some Bicycle wall mounts we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Btwin wall Mount- Buy Link
  2. Fastped Cycle wall mount — Buy Link
  3. Cycle wall mount — Buy Link

100 Bike Repair Kit and Saddle Bag 0.5L:

There’s no option when it comes to deciding whether you need to buy a repair kit or not. Every cyclist needs to have his own kit, even if you have a friend who carries one with him all the time. Besides, you also need to know how to use it. fixing a puncture, lubing your chain and tuning up brakes are things that you should know.

cycle accessorises decathlon

What we liked about this package is that, it comes with a saddle bag that nicely fits under your saddle carrying all your supplies. Besides, the Allen key is decent enough to tighten or loosen a bolt or too, however, you might need something better to reach in tricky areas where this small set might not allow you to. And not to forget the 3 tyre levers are suitable only for MTBs and Hybrids.

Video Recommendation: How to Lube Your Bicycle Chain

Chain Lube:

If you are going to go cycling, your bicycle chain needs to be regular cleaned and lubed. And for this, having a bicycle lube handy is a must. Applying a bicycle lube will not only keep the chain in good condition, but also ensure it offers smooth shifting while riding your bicycle.

Bike Bag:

If you prefer carrying your cycle to other cities or countries, a bike bag is a must. With a bike bag you can pack your cycle neatly and carry it wherever you wish. A good bike bag comes with partitions to keep tools and wheels. Besides, they also have good padding or cushion to ensure the bike doesn’t get damaged at all.

bicycle accessorises india

Some Bicycle Bag we recommend (high and low budget)

  1. Decathlon Bike bag- Buy Link

Click to buy Cycle accessorises Decathlon

Those of you looking to buy cycle accessories, consider looking at products on Amazon, Flipkart or Decathlon.

There are also other portals like Choose my bicycle, wizbiker and BOTS that are good places to buy cycle accessories.

If you think we missed any cycle accessories, do comment and let us know.