Best Cycle Mudguards Online — Price, Benefits, Types [2021]

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When it rains, mudguards play a vital roll in many ways. They not only prevent mud and grit from spraying on your rear but also keep the spray out of the face and the rider behind you. If you’ve gone cycling with a bunch of cyclists, you will know. With plenty of options available, you can now choose from full-coverage bolt-on guards, clip-on mudguards and Mountain bike style mudguards.

If you’re determined to go cycling in the rains, read these monsoon cycling tips. We’ve also written a guide on how to dress up for monsoon cycling that will keep you warm, if not dry.

Before we get to the list of the best cycle mudguards online, let’s take a look at the types first:-

While there are quite a few who believe that mudguards aren’t useful, you will be stunned to know that the amount of water and muck that can keep off.

  • Roughly cycle mudguards are classified into three types

Full-Length mudguards — These are the traditional types of cycle mudguards that are commonly pre-installed on low-end Indian bicycles like hero and Hercules. However, you will also get these mudguards online and in bicycle stores that are of better quality and can be fitted on high-end bikes with ease. If you’ve seen a touring bicycle, they usually have full-length cycle mudguards installed.

  • Clip on Plastic Mudguards:

Clip on cycle mudguards are quite popular among cyclists. They are ideally made from plastic and are pretty light, and easy to install. Those of you who are looking for protection only during the monsoon should consider installing these cycle mudguards. Once the poor weather makes its way out, you can remove them and carry on with cycling.

  • Mountain bike style mudguards:

Last but not the least, MTB style cycle mudguards attach to the down tube and seatpost. These plastic mudguards are usually shorter and lighter. If you have an MTB, just make sure the ones you buy are compatible.

Whether you are cycling to work or just through the rains, mudguards will keep you dry and ensure you ride longer and faster.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of cycle mudguards available online:

  • Prevent mud and grit from flying off:

The biggest reason to install cycle mudguards is to prevent gunk and water from flying. This ensures that it keeps you dry, warm and comfortable.

  • Perform better with cycle mudguards, no, really! Not kidding:

Many of you won’t realise, but cycling in the rain is challenging when you are cold and wet. With mudguards helping you stay dry, you can focus on the task and ride longer and stronger. No more worrying about cutting your ride shortened heading back home.

  • Prevent others from getting splattered:

While you might be okay with no mudguards, cycling in a group can be a challenge. If you happen to ride in a group, the rule got without saying, mudguards are a must for group rides. Or else, you can tail behind everyone else.

  • Improves your bike’s life-span:-

Let’s admit, when you’re cycling in the rain, there’s no way you or your bike is going to be completely dry. But having cycle mudguards, you will cut the amount of mud and dirt flying off the tyres and into your moving parts like your ball bearings and drive train.

  • Mudguards can help you look better:

It’s common to get grit and water splash on your face and glasses. However, by installing cycle mudguards, you can drastically reduce this problem and ride without worrying.

  • Avoid those brown lines:

Every cycled without a mudguard and returned back home with a brown line? If you did, you might also know how hard it is to get it back to white. It’s next to impossible, right?

So get a pair of mudguards, and avoid this issue.

There are so many brands and options available online to buy cycle mudguards. You might also wonder whether you should buy plastic cycle mudguards from Amazon, Flipkart or from a renowned cycling website. We understand it could be a very daunting task too. To ease your life, we have picked up some of the best cycle mudguards online

When it comes to buying products, accessories or just anything related to sports, one name that comes to our mind is Decathlon. Right from a windbreaker, to mobile case, and of course cycle mudguards, decathlon has it all.

Here are some of our favourite decathlon cycle mudguards that you can consider buying.

  • 20-INCH Decathlon cycle mudguards:-

Kids love riding in the rain, the pitter patter of the raindrops and the water splashing around, cycling for kids can be fun. Especially after you install a good pair of mudguards. The Decathlon 20-inch mudguards offer longer and wider mudguards that offer longer and wider protection.

cycle mudguards

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Let’s be honest here. No cycle Mudguards will offer a hundred per cent protection. However, a good set of mudguards for your Mountain bike will protect your back, face and chest from getting splashed with dirt and water.

The decathlon mountain bike cycle mudguards come with front and rear fenders. The rear fender can be easily attached with an adjustable clamp on the seat post. The position of the blade can also be adjusted. While the front mudguard requires a metal plate to be attached into the fork. These decathlon cycle mudguards are suitable for 27.5 to 28 wheels. However, ensure you check compatibility with your bike frame.

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  • MUDGUARD SET 100 700C

Those who are looking for decathlon cycle mudguards for their hybrid can consider looking at these. They are pretty effective and will keep the water from splashing in your face.

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Looking to dress up for monsoon? Here are 12 Things To Keep in Mind before Cycling In Monsoon!

Some more monsoon cycling tips that will help you stay dry.

Cycle mudguards from Amazon

Amazon is home to some of the best cycling products, accessories and a lot more. If you are looking to buy affordable cycle mudguards online, Amazon is the place. Here are a few of our favourite cycle mudguards that you can consider looking at. Mind you, we haven’t personally reviewed them. So ensure to read the reviews and then considering investing in them.

Dark Horse Bicycle Atom Mudguard with Reflective Tape

If you are looking for affordable mudguards that will get you through the monsoon madness, these cycle mudguards are durable enough. The high-quality plastic mudguards come with reflective tapes that ensure to make you visible in low light.

However, wearing reflective clothing and installing a taillight will be good enough. Besides, these mudguards will fit on any type of bicycles and are easily installed.

cycle mudguard online

If you happen to have a local branded bicycle, these mudguards are a good choice. However, for high-end bikes, many of completed that the rear fender does not fit in.

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Dark Horse Bicycle Fly Fox Mudguard Fender With Reflective Tapes

If you’re looking for cycle mudguards online that offer decent protection and do not cost a lot, dark horse offers more variety. These mudguards are made from plastic and come with fitting Fasteners.

Make sure you measure the size and read through the reviews on Amazon before buying.

cycle mudguards online

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Dark Horse Bicycle Bolt -X With A Long Adjustable Clamp Reflective Mudguard:

It’s always better to ride with cheap plastic cycle mudguards than riding without anything. These cycle mudguards come with a long adjustable clamp that lets you adjust the height and length with ease.

cycle mudguards online

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Dark Horse Bicycle Dual Tone Front & Rear Mudguard:

cycle mudguards

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If you are looking to add some colour to your bike in this gloomy weather, you can consider looking at the dark horse due to tone cycle mudguards. As per the description, they are lightweight, durable, affordable and resistant to impact.

Sks Mudguard Kit Bluemels 28Inches 35mm

cycle mudguards

If you are okay with the extra weight and prefer mudguards that cannot be removed easily, consider opting for the SKS cycle mudguards available online. The 35mm stainless steel mudguards are 3 mm thick and come with security fastening ASR joints and adjustable angles.

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Zefal Shield R30

cycle mudguards

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Zefal Paragon C50:

cycle mudguards

Those of you looking for high-quality cycle mudguards should consider looking at the C50. These mudgaurds for cycle are easy to mount and covers 80% of the wheel. Similar to the R30, these too come with U stay that keeps them secured in one place.

We have listed some of the best mudguards for cycles above, however, ensure you check the compatibility with your bicycle.

If you think we have missed out on any of the best cycle mudguards, do comment below or write to us at we would be happy to add them to our list of best cycle mudguards.