Best Cycles Under 10000 Rupees for Adults in India [New 2020]

Below is a list of some best cycles under 10000 rupees that will ease your life!

Each one of us has fallen in love with cycling when we were kids. However, with time, you had to let go cycling and make way for responsibilities and stress. While this lifestyle certainly brings you the currency, your health silently takes a toll. This is when you realize that you need to exercise to get healthy and what better way than getting a bicycle for an affordable price to kick start cycling?

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#3. Omo Hampi 700:

If you prefer to cruise around town with the wind in your hair and the breeze kissing our face, get the Omo Hampi. Build in India, the bike is ideal for those looking to ride around the city from anywhere between 5–15kms

#5. Omo Model 1.0 INR 7750:-

A50 26″ INR 13,500:-

The A50 is a super stylish hardtail MTB bike that comes in large and medium frame size. The bike also comes with Front Disc, Rear V-Brake and gears that make riding comfortable and fun.

#14. Frog Granite 27.5:

The frog granite comes with a 27.5 inch wheel set, single speed drive train and V-brakes that are good enough for city riding or commute. If you are looking for a bicycle that’s pretty straight forward and gets the job done, this is one of the best cycles under 10000 for adults.

#15. Bike Ark Fixie Orb INR 8649:

High tensile steel frame, alloy V-brakes and 700x28c tires sounds pretty common doesn’t it? However, the Bike ark is not a normal bicycle. It’s a Fixie. So if you thing you are made for all things good, get yourself this fixie!

#16. FitTrip Snyper 27.5 (INR 10,400):

Looking for an affordable bicycle that comes with disc brakes, suspension and 27.5′ wheels? The FitTrip is what you should be looking at. However, this bike does not come with gears.

#17. Munich 21 Speed (INR 11,499):

This 21-speed bike comes with features such as a lightweight steel frame, a quick release front wheel and durable nylon tyres. It is also equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney gear system with Shimano EZ Fire Shifters for quick, breezy rides.

Cosmic Eldorado 1.0 L 21 Speeds: (Approx 15000):

The Cosmic Eldorado 1.0L 26–21 Speed is an entry-level MTB that is manufactured by an Indian Brand. The bicycle is for those who are looking to ride on bumpy roads and tackle mild trails. A good thing about this bicycle is it comes with basic suspension and disc brakes.

Unirox AMSTEREDM 27.5 Unisex Aluminum-Alloy Single Speed Mountain Bike ( INR 14,999):

If you are looking for a unisex alloy bicycle frame, the Unirox will serve the purpose. Costing around INR 15,000, the bicycle front suspension, disc brakes and 27.5 tyres.



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