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3 min readAug 29, 2022


Since the entry of decathlon bicycles in India, there has been a huge number of people who have started cycling. And if you are one of those yet to buy a bicycle, Decathlon is one brand you can consider.

In this video, we are going to show you some of the best decathlon cycles under 15000 that you can buy and start cycling. So without any further delay, here are a few decathlon cycles that you can consider buying.

Btwin ST 10: Latest to the btwin collection is the St 10. The simplest form of bicycle offered by decathlon comes with a mild steel frame, one-piece handlebar with a treaded fork. It also comes with a single-speed drive train, v brakes and 26-inch single-walled rims.

This bicycle is as simple as it gets when it comes to buying a budget bicycle to commute or just ride for fitness.

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Btwin ST 20:

Available in two frame sizes, the Btwin ST 20 comes with a low and a high frame design. The low frame works well for those who happen to be on the shorter side. As a result, this bicycle is suitable for both men and women. Besides the 2 frame variations, this bicycle to comes with a threaded fork, 26-inch single-walled rims, v brakes and a single-speed drive train.

Btwin ST 30:

The ST series also offers a basic entry-level geared bicycle. If you are on the shorter side, the ST 30 is more than enough to get you started. Powered with a 7-speed bicycle micro shift Rd that is controlled with the help of grip shifters, the 30 is comfortable to ride on rugged roads too.

It comes with a steel frame, 26-inch rims and tyres and a rigid fork. Besides, unlike the St 10 and St 20, the 30 does come with a quick-release front wheel and seat that lets you adjust on the go.

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Btwin Riverside 120:

One evergreen bicycle that just doesn’t get old or out of fashion is the riverside series. The Riverside 120 is one of the best produced by decathlon to date. Available in grey with green shades, the bicycle surely stands out. Equipped with a mild steel frame, 700 c wheels, V brakes and an 8-speed transmission, the 120 is a pleasure to ride.

So if you are a beginner looking for a basic geared bicycle, this could be one of those.

Velocrush Cycles:

Those of you looking for something unique and special can consider looking at our very own Velocrush Anthem and Velocrush Muse.

These bicycles are made using stainless steel 304 and can be custom painted as per your choice. Besides, the bicycle comes with sealed headset bearings, disc brakes and more features that are hard to find on entry-level bicycles, both these bicycles are available in geared variants as well.

Velocrush Muse:

Velocrush Anthem-

So if you are interested in buying these bicycles, follow the link in the bio. We hope you have found this video helpful. And don’t forget to comment and let us know your favourite decathlon bicycle.