Best Facebook Cycling Groups to Join!

Facebook has been a boon to the growing cycling community. However, it’s also the culprit to put an end to and Google plus. The ease of creating a group, adding members can be done within minutes and what more could a cyclist want?

Velocrush India
4 min readOct 18, 2018

With the entry of new cyclist, there have been dozens of cycling groups that are born each day in some part of the world.

While these new ones did kill some of the old ones, here are the most popular Facebook cycling groups you can join!

Facebook groups in Mumbai:

Mumbai Cycling Enthusiast:

With over 16 thousand members across Mumbai and other cities, Mumbai Cycling Enthusiasts is one of a kind. The group is open to discussing everything to do with cycling. Whether you ride on weekends, cycle to work or are into long distance ride, everything is appreciated here.


We started Velocrush India, way back in 2012. Back then, people were getting acquainted with Facebook as well as cycling. To join in to promote cycling and reach out to our audience, we decided to give Birth to I AM VELOCRUSH.

If you’re looking to meet like-minded people, from different parts of India, don’t forget to join in. Cycling tips, humour, product reviews, interviews with famous cyclist are just a few things we cover.

Link To happiness- I AM VELOCRUSH

Zero Emission (ZE):

ZERO Emission is a bunch of friendly, compassionate, energetic, enthusiastic people who are willing to sacrifice their comfort for the well being of Mother Nature, others and self.

Navi Mumbai Cycling:
If you’re are part of Mumbai and want to be a part of the closest cycling community, Navi Mumbai cycling group is just perfect.

Other cycling groups you can join from Mumbai-

1.SOBO King of Happiness — CYC’d Riders Club (Mumbai)
2. Happiness can be found in thane as well — LCP (Thane/Mumbai Cycling group)
3. Ghatkopar is not less either — GHATKOPAR CYCLISTS CLUB — GCC
4. We hear Malad is full of happiness — Malad Cycling Club (MCC)
5. If you’re a cyclist from Andheri, here’s your Happiness- Andheri Cycling Group
6. If you’re a cyclist from Andheri, here’s more Happiness — Buddy Riders
7. If you’re a cyclist from Bandra, here’s your Happiness- Bandra Cycle Club

And the list goes on!

Facebook groups in Pune:

Pune Cycling Club:

Pune has their own cycling club as well. If you’re a newbie, get all your questions answered. Also, get to plan your rides, find a riding partner around your nearby area and more.

Pune Cycle Sports:

Whether you’re a regular cyclist or just cycle occasionally, this group want to promote cycling in Pune. So join in, ride and support their endeavour!

Pune Cycling Enthusiasts:

Just like Mumbai, Pune has a platform for their enthusiast as well. Pune Cycling Enthusiasts (PCE), is a group of Cycling Enthusiasts around Pune who care about the environment and themselves.

Facebook Groups in Delhi:

While there is not much engagement on the group, Cycloholics silently stays active with the chattering going on 24/7 on their WhatsApp group.

*GODCE* ^Group Of Delhi Cycling Enthusiasts^:

GODCE aka Group of Delhi Cycling Enthusiast is another group that you can consider joining and meeting like-minded cyclist.

Gurgaon Cycling Club:

If you love cycling in Gurgaon, this is where you belong. The group has people who have different levels of interests. Some for leisure, some for health and some for long distance.
Here, feel free to post your cycling experiences, cycling pictures, ride suggestions, cycling travelogues and more.

Facebook Groups in Bangalore:

Bangalore Cycling:
A cycling group in every city is a must. Otherwise, how else would new cyclist find the motivation, get their queries answered, share ride experiences and more?

Bangalore cycling group does exactly that!

Besides, they also help you find partners in your area!

Just make sure you answer all the mandatory joining questionnaire, otherwise, you won’t be accepted.

Facebook groups in Chennai:

If you’re a cyclist from Chennai who is looking for a partner to ride from the same city should consider joining Chennai Cycling. With over 5000 members, you are likely to find a partner for sure.

Bangalore Bikers Club:
This group of Bangalore cyclist has a variety of cyclist who enjoys cycling anywhere. Some ride for fitness, some to work and then there are weekend warriors and Long distance cyclist as well.

Don’t take us wrong, other cities too have a lot of them scattered.

Join now by clicking here -Bangalore Bikers Club

Facebook groups in Chandigarh:

Chandigarh Cycling Club:

Hailing from a small city, Chandigarh is a group of individuals who enjoy recreational bicycle riding, touring and commuting.

Their aim to promote cycling amongst their family, friends and neighbourhood.

Are you ready to ride? Join here.

Chandigarh Cycling Club (CCC):
Another cycling group in Chandigarh.

Now it’s your turn…

Which is your favourite cycling group?

Are there any other groups you would like to include to this list?

Then leave a comment below right now and let us know!