Best Road Bikes for Beginners in India [Updated 2021]

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9 min readJul 25, 2020


Let us tell you, there is no such thing as the best road bike. If there were, every pro cyclist would be riding one. Don’t you think so?

They all would be on similar bikes, with the same frame, same groupset, aerodynamics and more. Doesn’t this sound boring already?

To us, it already does.

But if you’re looking to buy the best road bike for beginners in India, there are quite a few questions that you need to answer.

Start off by asking yourself, what do you want to do with it? Do you want to race, exercise or commute? Do you want to get into triathlons or long distance cycling? How much will you be riding on a weekly basis? Alloy or carbon? What is your budget?

If you’re a beginner cyclist, a good idea is to start off with an MTB and eventually move on to the best road bike that you can afford. You can also start with an entry level road bike that offers decent specs to get your road biking life kick-started.

But before we get to the best road bikes for beginners in India, here’s our definitive guide on how to buy a bicycle for adults.

So what is the “best road bike for beginners in India” below INR 50000? Keep reading…

  • Firefox Mistral:

An entry level road bike that offers decent components and comes with good frame design and quality finish is the Firefox mistral. If you are looking for good handling and performance, this bike is what you should be looking at. The bike comes with Shimano Sora groupset and wheels with Kenda 700x23c tires. Overall the road bike is durable, effective and worth INR 35000.

  • BTwin Triban 100:

The Btwin Triban 100 is equipped with 7-speed Shimano Tourney rear derailleur that offers smooth and precise shifts. This road bike comes with a really good frame that’s sturdy and reliable. If you are looking for a basic road bike but cannot afford spending a lot, the Triban 100 will get your job done.

best entry-level road bike 2020
  • Btwin Triban 500 INR 34,999:

A step up above the cheapest road bike, the Btwin Triban 500 is made for occasional road cycling over 40 to 60 kms. The bike is equipped with an aluminium frame, carbon fork, Ergonomic handlebar and new B’Twin Ergo Fit saddle for added comfort.

Considering the bike comes with a carbon fork at such a low price, the bike seems pretty promising. However, the components are not from renowned brands like Shimano and SRAM. We prefer them any day over Sunrace.

  • Triban 520 road bike:

If you want the best road bike for INR 40000, the Triban 520 is for you. It offers an excellent all-round road bike at a very low price. The triban 520 comes with an aluminium sport frame and a new carbon fork with inserts to attach a front-pannier rack. Plus, the bike also comes with Shimano Sora 9-speed that offers a very good transmission.

101 cycling tips for beginners. Do give it a read.

  • Firefox Sirocco INR 33,100:

The Firefox Sirocco is aerodynamic and comes with an alloy frame. This bike offers the functionality of a country-side and urban cycling to the rider. The bike is also equipped with Shimano Sora drivetrain that offers a decent shifting experience.

best road bikes
  • MONTRA CELTIC 2.1 (2017) INR 35,800:

Apparently claimed to be an affordable bicycle, the Montra Celtic 2.1 offers comfort for endurance cycling. It is equipped with Shimano Claris that is a mid range groupset and offers good shifting experience. If you’re looking to buy the best road bike at an affordable price, this one should be on your list. You can also upgrade this bicycle later when required.

best road bikes
  • RIDLEY DAMOCLES 1 (2017) INR 46,100:
best road bikes

Belgian brand, Ridely is a renowned bicycle brand that has been around since 1997.

The Damocles 1 is an entry-level performance road bicycle that comes with Shimano Clairs as well. If you have a fixed budget and still wish to buy the best road bike, Ridely is what you should be looking at.

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  • POLYGON STRATTOS S2 (2018) INR 42,990:
best road bikes in india

Started in 1989, Polygon is a well-known brand offering a variety of adult bicycles that are suitable for the global market.

Polygon Strattos S2 is another entry level road bike that provides good specs at good pricing. If you are looking for a performance bicycle that is suitable for fitness, commute and endurance, keep this bicycle brand in mind.

  • Giant SCR SE (2018) INR 44,000:

One of the biggest bicycle manufactures in the world, Giant is known to make some of the best roadbikes for newbies, amateurs and pro cyclist.

The Giant SCR SE comes with a Aluxx-Grade Aluminium frame, Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs which are attached to Shimano Claris shifters. This versatile road bike is durable and certainly an all-rounder bike for everyone.

  • Giant SCR 2:

Another best road bike made by Giant at a lower price that is durable and offers comfort is the SCR 2. Just like the SCR SE, this bike comes with Shimano Claris font and rear derailleurs that make shifting a breeze. The SCR 2 is suitable for long, short and fast paced rides.

  • SCOTT SPEEDSTER 40 (2018) INR 48,400:
best road bike for beginner in india

Started in 1958, Scott has earned a name for its innovation and advanced technology. The speedster 40 comes with 6061 Alloy frame with an endurance geometry, Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs and Tektro Comp V-Brakes.

  • GIANT CONTEND 3 (2018) INR 49,000:
best road bikes for beginners

Last but not least, the giant contend 3 is another bicycle that is ideal for any adult looking to buy an endurance focused road bicycle for long distance riding.

  • FUJI SPORTIF 2.3 (2018): INR 52000
best road bike for beginners

If you’re looking for a mid range performance road bike, have a look at this beauty. The Fuji Sportif 2.3 comes with Shimano Claris front and rear derailleurs. So if you are an intermediate cyclist, this bike should be your choice.

  • Java Veloce 2:
best road bikes in india

Another budget road bike that’s making waves in the market for its affordable pricing and brilliant colour variations is the Java Veloce 2. The alloy frames bicycle weights around 10.5 kgs and comes with Shimano Sora (front and rear).

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Best Road Bike for Triathlon

When it comes to triathlon, you might want to get yourself the best road bike for triathlon that fits your budget. However, if you are just starting off, it’s always best to start with the cycle you already have. On the other hand, equipment can be expensive and if you aren’t sure whether you will take this activity seriously, it’s best to carry on with what you have. Buying serious triathlon equipment can be a costly mistake.

However, if you are willing to spend a bit of fortune on an entry level road bike, here are some fo the best road bikes for triathlon that you can consider buying.

Merida Scultura 100 Road Bike: INR 63,990

An entry level road bike with a carbon for, the Merida Scultura 100 is well suited for your triathlon needs. It can also be used for amateur road racing, long riders and fitness purpose.

What we liked about this bike is that it comes with a triple butted lightweight aluminium frame that offers more strength and makes the bike lighter at the same time. The Scultura 100 also has tapered headtube that allows for a precise and controlled steering.

Equipped with a carbon fork and Shimano Claris derailleurs and shifters, the 100 will offer a decent shifting experience.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Claris
  2. Triple butted (6066 aluminium)
  3. Internal cabling
  4. Total bike weight around 9.5kgs
best road bike for triathlon

Merida Scultura 200 Road Bike:

Another triple butted beauty by Merida is the Scultura 200 that’s made from 6066 aluminium alloy. It also offers internal cabling that makes the bike look really classy and stand out.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Sora Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Triple Butted 6066 aluminium
  5. Weights 9.28kgs

So what’s the difference between Scultura 100 and 200?

The Major difference between the Scultura 100 comes with Shimano Claris, whereas the Sora comes with Sora groupset. Besides, the 200 weights a few grams less as compared to the Merida Scultura 100.

best road bikes for triathlon

Scott speedster 30: INR 65,500

best road bike for triathlon

With a 50x34T chainring, the Scott speedster 30 is well suited for entry level triathlons, brevets and amateur racing. Loaded with an aluminium frame with carbon fork and weighs at 9.85kgs, the bike is ideal for clocking those miles.

Similar to the Scultura road bikes, Scott speedster 30 is also equipped with Sora groupset has an efficient shifting for 9-speed rear derailleur and 50x34T chainring.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Sora Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Alloy frame
  5. Weights 9.85kgs

Trek Domane AL 4 Road Bike: INR 81,599

best road bike for triathlon

Trek as a brand has been known world-wide for its amazing bikes. The AL domain 4 is lightweight, fast and quick to react. The bike comes with 20-speed Tiagra groupset that’s suitable for long endurance rides. Besides, It’s occupied with 50x34T Tiagra crank and 11–32T cassette that provides a wide range for uphills.

This best road bike for triathlon comes with an IsoSpeed carbon fork that absorbs the vibrations on the road and further makes it lighter.

Tomorrow even if you wish to transition from a fast bike and get into bike packing, the AL4 is compatible with rack mounts and mudguard that allows to hit off-road and muddy sections as well.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Tiagre Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Lightweight Alloy frame
  5. Weights 9.41kgs

Polygon Strattos S4 Road Bike: INR 81,990

best road bikes for triathlon

Cube Attain Race Road Bike: INR 83,990

20-speed tiara equipped, the Cube Attain Race is built with a 6061 T6 superlight aluminium frame that offers comfort and speed. With precise steering, efficient power transfer the bike is one of a kind.

For quick and controlled braking, the bike comes with disc brakes in any kind of weather. To make it even better, this bike too comes with a carbon fork that absorbs most of the vibrations from the road.

best road bikes for triathlon

Specifications and Features:

  1. Shimano Tiagre Groupset
  2. Internal cabling
  3. Carbon fork
  4. Lightweight Alloy frame
  5. Disc brakes
  6. Weights 9.8kgs

Convolution Aspera 105 Road Bike: INR 89,550

These are some of the best road bikes for beginners in India that you can get under INR 50000. If you feel we have missed any, do comment below and let us know the same. We would be more than happy to add it to our list best road bikes.

Note: The list of best road bikes for beginners in India are compiled from the internet. Velocrush ‘hasn’t’ reviewed these bicycles personally. To know which bike is suitable for you, feel free to email us.