Best Single Speed Cycle Under 10000 [New]

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7 min readNov 3, 2020

With Covid changing the course of our lives, personal transport in the form of bicycles has boomed. Today, it’s such a beautiful scenario to see cyclist pedalling at odd hours. And if you are one of those looking out of your car or balcony window, it is time to buy a bicycle.

Trust us, buying a bicycle can be confusing, you might have already tried it out. You might even be unsure whether you will keep riding it or not. And if this is a worry, consider buying at the best single speed cycle under 10000 in India.

Which cycle is best for exercise?

There are two types of cycles, geared cycles and non geared cycles. According to us, both are best for exercise. What matters is the intensity and the terrain you will choose to ride on. If you are a beginner and are going to cycle at an easy intensity on flat roads, a non geared is suitable.

On the other hand, if the intensity is high, you will need more resistance which will be provided by geared cycles. That being said, you also need to know how to use the gears correctly. Knowing how to use gears correctly will help you save energy, ride further and climb better. This might seem difficult to most on a non geared cycle.

These single speed cycles in India are -

  1. Easy to Ride
  2. Require low maintenance
  3. Affordable
  4. Ideal for city riding and fitness

Now that you know the benefits of single speed cycle, here are a few of our personal favourites that you can buy NOW!

Best Single Speed Cycle Under 10000

Btwin ST 20:

The ST 20 is a new addition to the btwin family by decathlon. Available in two colours, the bike comes with a low top tube that makes it easy to get on and off. The 26 inch rims come with rubber tyres.

Besides, the front wheel also has a quick release that makes it easy to remove the wheel and store.

The Btwin ST 20 is also available in a high frame. The only change being the low top tube.


  • Steel frame
  • V brakes
  • Single speed Drive train
  • 26 inch tyres

Made out of steel, the Kyoto is a single speed bicycle that comes with V brakes and anti skid pedals. The bicycle seat also comes with an adjustable saddle that makes it easy to align the height with the rider anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, the 26 inch wheels are single walled, weight less and are nibble and offer a fast reaction time.

This single speed cycle in India is suitable for those with a minimum height of 5.4inch to 5 feet 10 inches. If you are looking for a hassle free cycle made by a renowned brand, the hero Kyto 26T is a good choice.


  • V brakes
  • Single speed Drive train
  • 26 inch tyres
  • Steel frame

Btwin Riverside 50:

Best single speed cycles in India

The btwin riverside 50 is another affordable single speed hybrid cycle in India. This single speed cycle in India is specifically made keeping in mind those who are on a shorter side.

The low slanting tube makes it easier for people with minimum height of 5 feet to get on and off with ease.

The drive train is smooth and the V brakes work decently well. Mind you this bike comes with larger wheels (700X35c) that are single walled and come with rubber tyres.


  • Steel frame (Unisex)
  • V brakes
  • Single-speed Drive train
  • 700 C wheels

If you are keen on getting a geared cycle under 10000, the riverside is available in 4 variants (not all are available under INR 10000)

1. Watch The Riverside 100 Review

2. Watch The Riverside 120 Review

3. Watch The Riverside 500 Review

4. Riverside 900

Feel free to choose as per your budget and interests.

Btwin Mybike:

Best single speed cycles in India

One of our personal favourites is the Btwin Mybike. Made from steel, the bike comes with a single walled rims, V brakes and is very easy to ride. Besides, this single speed bicycle under 5000 is specifically optimised for flat roads and slight gradients.

So, if you are looking to just get on your bicycle and start riding, this is just the one.

Viva Ryde:

Best single speed hybrid cycles in India

Amazon Rating:-

TIG welded Aluminium alloy frame, Double Wall Alloy Rims and Suspension fork are some featured that make the Viva Ryde a damn good package.

While the suspension complements, the thick 2.10 tyres allows the rider to commute over uneven terrain. Besides being slightly on the heavier side, this bicycle is a complete package.

And if you are okay buying products from China, this single speed cycle in India is a deal to steal.


  • Bike Type: Mountain
  • Frame Material: Aluminium
  • Frame Size: 19 inches
  • Wheel size:- Double walled
  • Fork- Front suspension
  • Price: INR 8,399

TATA Stryder — I Ride-

Best single speed cycle India

Amazon Rating:-

Another 26 inch single speed cycle in India by a renowned brand is the Tata strider I Ride. The bicycles comes with Tig welded frame, 26 inch double wall alloy wheel and a treadless rigid fork.

This bike is affordable and as it comes with a sturdy design that offers a leisure riding position.


  • Bike Type: Mountain
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Frame Size: 19 inches
  • Wheel size:- Double walled
  • Fork- Rigid Fork
  • Price: INR 7,495
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TATA Stryder Harris 200

Best Single Speed Cycle Under 10000

Harris 200 is a 27.5 single speed cycle made by Tata. It comes with a 17 inch frame, treadless suspicion fork, and a single speed drive train. Besides, this single speed cycle under 10000 also comes with a front disc brake and double walled allow rims.

Hero Urban Pro 26 T:

A simple yet stylish looking bike by hero is the Urban 26T. Made from Mild Steel, the bicycle comes with a rigid suspicion fork, 26 inch wheels and a single speed drive train.

Those of you who are really on a tight budget and don’t wish to spend extra on mudguards, this single speed cycle comes pre installed.

bikeARK Orb 26 T Fixie Cycle

Bike ark, one of our personal favourites on this list is the bike ark Orb. This fixie looks incredibly stylish and comes with 700X 28c tyres. If you love speed and the wind cutting through your hair, the Bike ark orb is for you.

Price: INR 8,499

OMO Model 1.0 26 T Hybrid Cycle:

Model 1.0 is another 26 inch cycle by OMO. The bicycle is ideal for those looking for city riding or commute upto 15km for riders. The matt black paint finish paired with fluorescent yellow/orange wheels make the cycle look amazingly well.

However, the best part about buying this single speed cycle is that it comes along with side stand, Mud guards, Rotatory Bell, Lock, Tools & Manual required for assembly.

OMO Manali G1 26 T Mountain Cycle:

Best Single Speed Cycle Under 10000

A young indian brand that makes its bicycles in India is OMO. It’s Manali G1 is a cool looking cycle that comes with 26 inch wheels and single speed drive train. To add to it, the bike also comes with disc brakes

That being said, here are things to keep in mind while buying Single speed bicycle India:-


When you are looking to buy a budget bicycle with a lot of features, you won’t get the best of quality. A bicycle providing gears, disc brakes along with the frame and other components under INR 10000 might seem to be a steal deal.

However, the components on these cycles are pretty low on quality and won’t give you the deserved performance.


Instead of getting a cycle with disc brakes, suspicion and gears, go for a single speed cycle that comes with V brakes. The work amazingly well in any type of weather and require low maintenance.

Why to avoid mechanical disc brakes when you are low on budget?

Mechanical disc brakes are a trend right now. The market demands cycles with affordable disc brakes and so you buy them. You always wanted one right? But after a certain period of time, you realise they don’t work effectively.

Besides, they make a loud squeaking noise and stopping is delayed.

However, on downhills, you have to use both the brakes to get good response. And to fix this issue, you take it to a mechanic, he installed new brake pads or sands your brake pads which help for a ride or two.

After which, everything goes back to where it was.

So which cycle from the above Best Single Speed Cycle Under 10000 list is your favourite? You think there are much better single speed cycles in India within the same budget?

Do comment and let us know your thoughts on the same.