Btwin Rockrider ST 20 Review [Features and Price in India]

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6 min readApr 11, 2021
Btwin St 20 Review

Btwin Rockrider ST 20 is available in a low and high frame design at Decathlon. The ST 20 is an entry-level MTB that comes with s mild steel frame, single-walled rims, a single-speed drive train and 26-inch rubber tyres. The bike also comes with a rigid threaded fork and a 630 mm handlebar.

Those of you looking for a good quality bicycle under 10000, can consider the ST 20 as an option.

It’s suitable for beginners looking for short rides, to run errands or just to get a light workout. So will you like to know if it’s worth your INR 7,499?

Watch the Btwin ST 20 review or watch the video and get to know the features and specifications of the bike better.

Steel frame:

The Btwin ST 20 is an entry level commuter bike made by Decathlon. Under the brand name Btwin, the bike is available in 2 frame variants — High frame and low frame. Both these bikes are made from steel, a material that’s strong and rigid that will outlast you.

Now, coming to this specific model the ST 20 low frame, comes with a slanting top tube that make it much easer for short stature people to get on an off. This also eliminates chances of getting hurt in the wrong place.

Just like the frame, the ST 20 comes with a rigid threaded steel fork which we will cover later in this review.

That being said, the bike is available in snow white paint to complement the graphics.

And if you are worried about any damage that could occur to the frame, worry not. Decathlon offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork. This benefit is offered by almost all bicycle brand makers across the world.

Besides, we also thought decathlon would have done a better job if they offered more space between the top tube and the down tube. Inserting and removing the bottle might just seem to be pretty tight.

S — 150–164cm : 1.007m * 37.8cm , M — 165–174cm : 1.029m * 42.5cm , L — 175–184cm : 1.057m * 47.5cm

Threaded fork:

Threaded fork is something you will see on the very basic entry levels bicycles. These forks are rigid as they do not come with suspension and are threaded to the handlebar. The handlebar is made form steel too and is 630mm in length that makes it easy to manveur the bike over obstacles and control on rugged roads.

The handlebar comes with really basic grips that work fine if you are riding a short distance, however, once the distance increased, the comfort goes for a toss and your get those marks on your hands.

These steel rigid forks help absorb low to mild shocks and vibration that you often get from the road.

Besides, decathlon also offers a lifetime warranty on the fork!


Rockrider claims the bike comes with an ergonomic foam saddle that’s mounted on a steel welded seat post. While the earlier bikes came with a clamp that required an Allen key to adjust the seat height, the ST20 provides a quick release system tool for quick and easy adjustment. No need to carry any tools along.

To be honest the seat is pretty decent and you will require a seat cover or wear cycling shorts to enhance comfort. That being said, the seat is held to the seat post with the help of a nut bolt that could loosen over time and need timely tightening.

Considering the budget, you can’t expect more. The seat is fair when you look at the price tag of just INR 7,499/-

Wheels 26 inch:

As an entry level commuter bike, the bicycle comes with single walled rims. These rims are anodised that prevent any kind of rusting or decolonizing over a period of time. Unlike the earlier decathlon entry level bikes, the front wheel comes with quick-release for easy removal. This makes it easy to put the bicycle in your car any carry it anywhere. It even makes it easy to fix a puncture with better efficiency.

The single speed rims are pretty decent at such a low cost. And we were quite satisfied with the value they offered. Just ensure you don’t hit those big potholes hard or you’ll have to get the rims trued.


The single walled anodised rims are equipped with Hartex overdrive MTB tyres. Apparently an Indian brand that manufactures tyres in Hyderabad. These rubber tyres sit well on the rim and ride well in wet and dry conditons. However, we did feel a slight drag due to the knobby rubber tyres that prevent the cycle from rolling smoothly.

The brand seems pretty promising and we are expecting a lot more bikes coming with these tyres.

V brakes:

As simple as it gets, the ST 20 is equipped with V brakes that are good for easy stopping in any condition. The V Brakes are connected to the brake levers that are half alloy and half plastic.

These brakes require very low maintenance and do the job of stopping very well. However, there are a few issues, you might get timely squeaking noise that can be very annoying at times. Also, the open up easily and the brake might not work at all.

There might also be times when the metal stick pops out from behind. This locks the wheel and prevents it from going forward or backward. (Watch Video)

You might face any of these issues, if you don’t keep the cycle properly, the bicycle falls or handle turns suddenly in an awkward position. Otherwise, the chances of facing these issue is next to nil. That being said, the noise from the rim brakes is quite a common problem and it goes away with time. Besides, there are also quite a few hacks on the Internet that let you solve this issue.

The brake pads might also make a very annoying noise at times while braking. However, this is quite common with V brakes. You can keep riding and let the noise subside all by itself.

Single speed drive train:

As a commute bike, there’s not much you can expect from the ST 20. It’s also wrong for us to be hard on the bike when we know its an entry level bike. The ST 20 comes with a single speed drive train.

Besides, the crank comes with 42 teeth that might seem slightly hard to pedal for beginners. A 40teeth crank similar to the riverside series would have been much better on the ST 20.

If you are strict on a budget and are looking to buy a basic bicycle that requires minimum maintenance the ST 20 is a safe bet

Why should you buy this?

Looking for a very basic bicycle — Buy it

On a strict budget- Buy it

Looking for a low maintenance bicycle- buy it

Why should you not buy it?

Looking to ride long distance

Want accessories included

Other benefits:-

1 free service (first 6 months)

Lifetime warranty on frames

Available online and offline

Value for Money

More Pros:

Low on maintenance

Low and high frame design suitable for all

Quick release from wheel & Seat clamp


Single walled rims could get easily bent

42 teeth crank might be hard to pedal for beginners

Rigid fork will make you feel a lot of jerks on patchy roads

Didn’t quite enjoy the rolling of the rubber tyres

Saddle could be uncomfortable for most beginners