Btwin Rockrider ST50 Review — Mountain bike

Velocrush India
3 min readAug 4, 2020

Decathlon has recently launched a new mountain bike — The Btwin Rockrider ST 50. It’s an entry level bike and is ideal for anyone looking to buy their first MTB. One first look, the bike looks pretty similar to the Rockrider 340.

However, ST 50 has it’s own uniqueness and we will cover that in the review below:-


btwin cycle

The frame of the Rockrider ST 50 is available in black colour and is made from aluminium. The top tube of the cycle comes with a slope that makes it easier to get on and get off. Besides, this cycle is available in 4 frame sizes as mentioned below:

1.XS- 140–154cm

2.S- 155–164 Cm

3.L- 165–174 Cm

4.XL- 175–184

Until today, there was a gap where people with a height of 4.8 feet to 5.0 feet would find it a little hard to find the right frame size. However, with the Rockrider St 50, this is now taken care of.

These bicycles are now manufactured in India and also offer an upright posting to the rider while cycling.

The brand claims that the frame is mixed and we clearly have no idea what it means. We also asked around a few of our friends who work for decathlon in the cycling department and they are yet to get a better clarity as well. Besides, we have written to the brand and will be looking for an update so we can help you understand what you are buying.

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The ST 50 frame is complemented with an 80 mm travel suspension fork and a stiffness adjustment dial. The fork is good enough to absorb obstacles on slightly uneven trails. That being said, the fork is pretty strong, durable and reliable.

Besides, the dial makes it super easy to adjust the stiffness.


The Rockrider ST 50 comes with a 3 7-speed chainrings a.k.a 21 speed or 21 gears. This gives enough of options for beginners to choose from while riding ascents, decent or flat roads.

However, what we didn’t like were the grip shifters. We would surely prefer trigger shifters instead. We find them far more precise and easier to shift. You also don’t need to change your grip position with trigger shifters as it just requires you to press the button with your thumb.

After paying INR 14,999, we would surely expect the bike to come with trigger shifters.

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When it comes to slowing down or stopping, the ST 50’s V brakes do a pretty good job. The brake levers that help you slow down are pretty good too. All you need is just two fingers to get the job done.


As expected, the bike comes with 26 inch single walled wheels. In this case, we would prefer double walled rims that would offer far more strength and durability. As an entry level MTB, double walled rims are a must.

Also, nothing wrong with the 26 inch wheels, however, a 27.5’’ would make the ride smoother. Besides, the 27.5 is currently trending in the cycling world, so that’s another reason why we would prefer a slightly bigger wheel size.

Handle bar:

The Rockrider ST 50 comes with a 620 mm handlebar. It’s pretty wide and offers the rider more control as it allows you to navigate rugged terrains with speed and agility. Besides, the wider handlebar also helps a bit when it comes to uphill climbing as compared to a narrow handle.

Saddle: Decathlon has made the Ergofit technology a standard size for almost all bicycles. However, there’s a lot of variety available depending on the bicycle you choose. The higher the price of the bicycle, the better the saddle quality.

What we liked?

  • Good frame geometry
  • Frame size available in XS as well
  • 3X7 gearing

What we didn’t like?

  • Would prefer better shifters

Conclusion: If you are looking for an affordable entry level MTB cycle that you can use for fitness, commute or recreational cycling, the Rockrider ST 50 is for you.