Cateye Volt 1200 Review — Bicycle Headlight for Endurance Cycling or Off-roading

Cateye Volt 1200 Review

Cateye Volt 1200 Review- Pros:

  • Very bright
  • Multiple modes
  • Easy to use
  • Simple tool-free mounting

Cateye Volt 1200 Review- Cons:

  • Long charging time
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Gets hot on dynamic mode
  • High (1200 lumens)
  • Medium (450 lumens)
  • Low (150 lumens)
  • Flash (150 lumens on and off) and
  • Hyper constant (150 lumens with 1200 lumen pulses).

High Beam: Dynamic Mode

Cateye Volt 1200 Review

Normal Mode:

All night mode:

Low Beam:


Other features: Cateye Volt 1200 Review

Velocrush Tip:

Verdict: Cateye Volt 1200 Review



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