Cycling Tips for Beginners in India: 101 Tips That Will Get You off to a Great Start!

Cycling is growing and so is the need for cycling tips for beginner in India. Many of you are heading out and getting yourself a brand new bike without any basic or technical knowledge. For the most of you starting of your cycling adventure won’t be easy. Here’s a list of cycling tips for beginners that will get you started on a good note.

Have a look at these cycling tips for beginners. They cover the A-z of cycling. Right from buying a bicycle, to getting a bike fit done, choosing the right apparel, basic bicycle maintenance, Nutrition, techniques, Road safety, recovery and much more.

Whether you’re into mountain biking, road cycling or city commute, 101 cycling tips for beginners in India will leave no stone unturned.

So without any further adieu, let’s go through the 101 cycling tips for beginners:-

Buying a bicycle:

  1. Budget- First things first. You are free to dream about the bicycle you saw your favourite Tour de France rider ride over a steep hill and win KOM. But let’s leave it there, in our dreams. It won’t break, cost a fortune or won’t require maintenance. You will only win classics and grand tours. On the other hand, a budget will help you decide the type of bicycle you can afford to buy. It will also let you filter down to the type of bicycle.
  2. Purpose: Everyone has a purpose to buy a bicycle. Either fitness, commute, racing or long distance. Figure out the purpose and stick to it no matter what temptations.
  3. Type of bike: Now that you have already decided your budget and purpose, you will be in a much better position to shortlist a bicycle. Go ahead and figure out whether your budget lets you buy a road, hybrid or an MTB.
  4. Test Ride- While many of you might consider buying a bicycle online. However, before you get one consider going for a test ride. So head to the local bicycle store and try it out yourself before buying.

Read the complete cycling tips for beginners article on how to buy a bicycle.

5. Frame Size:

Refer to the frame size here.

6. Bike fit:

In such cases, a bike fit will help

  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve overall performance on the bike
  • Enhance overall comfort of the rider
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency

Cycling tips for beginners for buying the best cycle accessorises:-

Before you head out, you will be required to buy some of the best cycling accessories. The most important ones are listed here.

7. Cycling Jersey:

8. Padded shorts:

One of the most important cycling tips for beginners is padded shorts. If you’re going to spend endless hours on the saddle, a good padded short is a must. It will keep you comfortable and reduce spanking.

So go ahead and buy the best you can afford.

Also, read our benefits of wearing padded shorts.

9. Helmet:

Hence, buy a good quality helmet, it will make a big difference in the long run.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive helmet. After all, they meet the same safety standards.

Read our list of importance of wearing a helmet.

Don’t underestimate a good bicycle helmet. Read our Benefits of wearing the best cycling helmet for adults.

Cycling tips for beginners: How to choose the best cycling helmet for adults?

More cycling tips for beginners: How to wear your cycling helmet perfectly?

10. Cycling glasses:

safety gear

Most of you might assume that cycling glasses is certainly not that important. But let us tell you, these glasses play an important part as much as your cycling jersey, tights or any other accessories.

11. Cycling gloves:

12. Allen Key:

Now that we’ve made you happy, it’s time to make your bike happy too.

If you are going on a long distance cycling ride, here are a few must carry essentials.

13. Good lubricant(oil):

Also, don’t forget to clean your chain regualry. This will only boost your ride quality.

Read muc-off dry lube review. We strongly recommend for the dry season.

14. Tyre pressure:

Failing to maintain an optimum tyre pressure will drastically increase your chances of getting a flat.

Cycling tips for beginners: How to get the right tyre pressure?

More cycling tips for beginners: 5 easy tyre pressure hacks

15. Clean your bike:

Hot water and a sponge should do the trick for you bike. However, to clean your drive train (chain, cassette, crankset, etc.) ensure to use a good degreaser. This will help you get ride of mud and grime.

16. Puncture kit:

Cycle chain care, lube, cleaner and more: Read

17. Learn how to fix a puncture:

An important cycling tip for beginners is to learn how to fix a flat. Don’t wait for that moment to happen, be prepared.

Trust us, you will thank as later. So get your hands dirty and learn how to fix a puncture. This cycling tips for beginners will set you apart from the rest.

Bicycle road safety cycling tips for beginners in India:

18. Be safe:

19. Be Seen:

Tail light and headlight:

  1. That lets you see
  2. Others that let you be seen

Get yourself a bright taillight that lets you be seen by others from far. Install it once at leave it to let it do its job.

20. Headlight:

21. Hand gestures: Cycling tips for beginners

As bicycle lack indicators, get used to hand gestures. Simple and easy hand gestures will help you communicate with your fellow cyclists as well as the cars and motor bikers.

Besides, you can always come up with your own cycling hand gestures to add some fun to your ride. However, make sure they are simple and are easily understood by others.

Food and nutrition: cycling tips for beginners in India

But before eating, ensure to get good sleep.

22. Sleep:

Failing to get good sleep will increase your levels of stress and affect your performance. We are sure this would be one of your favourite cycling tips for beginners.

23. Eat a Good breakfast:

So begin your day with a kickass breakfast that will provide your body the necessary energy and nutritionist to power you through your ride. If you want to train and become a pro, eating a good breakfast should be the first thing on your to do.

Scrambled eggs, oatmeal, pan cakes, smoothies are some favourite breakfast dishes to start your day. Here are 6 of our favourite breakfast ideas. Check them out.

So the next time you head out on the road, make sure you follow this cycling tips for beginners and make it your ritual

24. Bonking:

Carry bananas, energy gels or cereal bars and consume them before you feel hungry. This cycling tips for beginners makes all the difference when you want to ride long and hard.

25. Hydration:

If you only have one bottle holder, get a hydration backpack or else, you can always refill on the way.

26. Cramping:

This is because your body sweats and you lose electrolytes that need to be replaced. So if you are following step no 25, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Safety Cycling Tips for beginners in India-

28. Stick to the right or left of the road (according to your city traffic rules). Make sure not to go to the extreme and avoid the gutters.

29. Cornering:

30. Be cautious on the gravel:

31. Learn the art of riding in a group:

But ever tried being a part of it, it will be way difficult than you might have imagined. Start riding in a group. If you are not confident enough, stay at the back of the pack. If you happen to go ahead, ride with confidence.

Just don’t make any sudden movements or brake unexpectedly.

Keep an eye out for hand signals and warn your fellow riders of any obstacles.

Some cycling tips techniques for beginners-

32. Cross -chaining gears:

Cycling tips for beginners: Our guide that will help you change bicycle gears like a pro!

33. Cadence is the key:

Try to find a comfortable gear and work on maintaining your cadence. Also, try to anticipate big hills by shifting into a low (easy) gear just before you need it.

34. Braking:

35. Switch to clip in pedals:

We advise you to anticipate having to unclip and to do it early! Also, get into the habit of unclipping with the same foot first.

Following the above five cycling tips techniques will surely make you a better rider.

36. Join a local WhatsApp group:

Love what we write? Join our community here.

37. Download a cycling app:

38. Wave at other riders:

Whenever you head outside, acknowledge other riders. Enjoy the ride, have fun, stop for a cup of cutting chai, and ride back home.

Tips for cycling uphill for beginners

39. Cycle uphill

40. Cash:

41. Switch to a lower gear:

A good way to hold a steady speed is by staying in the saddle.

42. Breathe and pedal:

1. Headwinds

2. Steep climbs

The only way you can get out is by playing it smartly. Shift on to a lower gear, keep breathing and pedalling. Failing to do any of these three things can get you in trouble.

43. Stay focused:

44. Fight the tendency to shift gears:

Do keep in mind that your heart rate is only going to rise. Lactic build up will creep in as well.

SoIn such situations, remember to breathe deep and pedal on a gear that you are comfortable. As you ride further and your speed drops with lactic acid build up, slide back in the saddle and leverage more force from your glutes and quads.

Standing up and pedalling should be your last resort!

45. Climb it in your head:

To start off, drop to the easiest gear and go, you’ll surprise yourself how far you get. Trust us, once you are done, the feeling of accomplishment is exhilarating.

46. Is there a right gear?

Experience is the best teacher that will help you find the right gear when climbing. Remember, everyone is different and which gear you find best for climbing will also depend on lots of factors like the steepness and length of the climb. Even the bike you are riding, how strong your are mentally and physically and even the weather and how are are feeling at the moment.

47. Stand or sit?

If the hill is short and steep, a good way to tackle it is by getting out of the saddle and pedalling. But when it comes to long climbs, it’s better to be seated, drop to an easy gear and ride all the way up.

You can watch this video by GCN who did at test at the University of Bath.

Cycling tips for beginners lose weight:

No worries!

Cycling is here to your rescue. This sport alone can do much more than just keep you fit and boost metabolism. Regular cycling will surely help you lose weight.

But before that, remember, cycling alone will not do the trick. You need to keep an eye on what you eat.

48. Start with your diet:

Because buying a carbon fibre bike is going to cost you a fortune. It’s wise to start by trimming yourself instead of trimming your wallet.

We also offer weight gain and weight loss plans. Check out >>> Click here

49. Ride regularly, Ride more:

More time cycling = more calories burnt

50. Eat carbs and lose fat:

You don’t have to substitute what you are eating right now. Start by making small changes to your diet.

51. Cross train in the gym:

Don’t forget to work on your upper body as well.

52. Weekly long and easy rides:

So why not?

53. Recover like a pro:

54. High-intensity interval training:

HIIT also known as high-intensity interval training workout can help you slim down. But such workouts need to be set up correctly for you to execute.

So what is interval training?

Intervals are basically short periods of burst. When you do intervals, you cycle alternate short periods of hard work with short periods of easier work. The cycle of work/rest is repeated several times in the course of an interval workout.

A sample workout looks like this:

Warm up: 10 minutes


2 minutes @ 85–90% of max heart rate (working very hard)

3 minutes @ 60% of max heart rate (light workload)

2 minutes @ 85–90% of max heart rate

3 minutes @ 60% of max heart rate

2 minutes @ 85–90% of max heart rate

3 minutes @ 60% of max heart rate

2 minutes @ 85–90% of max heart rate

3 minutes @ 60% of max heart rate

2 minutes @ 85–90% of max heart rate

3 minutes @ 60% of max heart rate

Total: 25 minutes

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Total workout time: 45 minutes

Cycling tips techniques for beginners in India:

55. Keep your upper body relaxed:

Riding with tension in your upper body will leave you with a few aches and pains that are unnecessary. It also could cause you to handle your bike less efficiently.

So keep your upper body loose, it will allow your bike to respond just the right amount to stones, gravel, or wind.

56. Focus on push phase:

Next time when you push the pedal at 1 o’clock, try pushing it from 10.

57. Riding with one hand:

Ensure you grip the bar on top right next to the stem. If your hand is farther out (such as on the brake-lever hood), the bike is more likely to move dangerously should the front wheel hit a rock, bump, or pothole.

So keep your eyes open and follow this tip.

Monsoon cycling tips for beginners:

57. Invest in a good wet lube:

When it comes to the bike a good wet lube is a great way to start. This lube will keep your chain, nuts and other parts safe from the rain and ensure optimum functioning.

58. Reduce tyre pressure:

Dropping the tyre pressure will increase the surface area and offer more grip. Read more about this here.

59. Get good mudguards:

60. Check the weather:

61.Brake before you break:

62. Carry spare tubes and not puncture kits:

63: Stuff newspaper in your shoes:

Stuff your cycling shoes with newspapers and leave them out to dry. The newspaper will soak all the water and aid in quick drying from within. Make sure to change them after every few hours to ensure quick drying.

64. Wash your bike:

Important stretches — cycling tips for beginners

Every cyclist must get into the habit of stretching. Regular stretching will protect you from injuries. It will also keep you flexible and dissipate tension.

65. Calves:

2. Step forward with your right leg and bend your knee

3. Let your left foot be firmly grounded on the ground behind

4. Keep your upper body straight

5. Drop your upper body forward until you feel the stretch in your calf

6. Hold for 10–15 seconds and repeat the same with your left leg

66. Quadriceps

  1. Stand straight and reach back with your right hand and grab your right foot at the top of the ankle
  2. Pull it upwards
  3. Hold for 10–15 seconds
  4. Repeat with right leg

67. IT band:

1. Sit down and cross the left leg across the right knee

2. Gently push down on the right knee

3. You should feel the stretch, not on the outside of your leg

4. Hold for 10–15 seconds and repeat with the other leg

68. Hamstring:

1. Stand straight and bend over from your waist

2. Let your arms dangle towards the ground

3.Repeat a few times

69. Glutes:

2. Sit on the floor and form a crossed leg position

3. Angle your left leg over your right and place your left foot next to your right knee (left leg should forma triangle)

4. Grasp the front of your left knee and lean forward

5. Make sure to keep your back straight

6. Feel the stretch along your left hamstring

7.The release and repeat with another leg

70. Neck and Shoulder:

1. Gently roll your neck in a circle several times

2.Rotate directions

For shoulders:-

1. Shrug both your shoulders upwards and hold for 5–7 seconds.


Road bike riding Tips — cycling tips for beginners

It is vital to keep changing your hand position. When descending, grasp the drops. Even if you want to ride at a high speed. If you want to have a relaxed position, hold the brake lever hoods.

While climbing, hold the top of the bar. This will allow you an upright position and let you create easily. If you are standing and pedalling, hold the hoods lightly and gently rock the bike from side-to-side in sync with your pedalling.

But always keep each thumb and a finger closed around the hood or bar to prevent yourself from losing control if you hit an unexpected bump.

72. Looking to go aero? Ensure to keep your arms in line with your body. This way it’s easier to make yourself more aerodynamic.

73. While cycling, when your effort becomes harder, increase the force of your breaths rather than the frequency.

74. Don’t ride with headphones on:

If you still want to listen to music, get a small speaker or a clip on radio that can be attached to your bike or jersey.

75. Keep your head up:

76. Change position while riding:

77. Don’t pedal in high gear for extended periods of time:

78. Use your gears:

79. Left foot down:

Cycling tips for beginners in India: Saddles sores

However, there are ways saddle sores can be avoided:-

80. Get a better saddle:

81. Bike positioning:

82. Go to the doctor:

There has to be something more to it!

Also, if your saddle sores keep coming back, you might want to talk to a dermatologist to see if your sensitive skin has an underlying problem.

83. Try Chamois cream:

First, it kills off the bacteria which can lead to inflammation of the skin.

Second, it lubricates and reduces the friction and rubbing between the skin and the bib shorts.

If you’ve already got saddle sores, cut down on your training or cut it out completely until it withers away.

Keep reading more cycling tips for beginners below!

84. Tea tree oil:

85. Keep it clean:

86. Clean shorts:

Cycling tips for beginners to treat road rash:

87. Wash the wound properly:

88. Dress your wound:

Summer cycling tips for beginners in India:

89. Go early:

90. Use a sunscreen:

91. Hydrate with a plan:

Why is it important to hydrate? Read our cycling tips for beginners that will help you stay hydrated on and off the bike.

92. Wear light colours clothes:

93. Take it easy:

94. Remember to eat:

95. Think about your route:

Re-routing your route through areas covered with trees or tall buildings can be a better choice.

Recovery cycling tips for beginners:

96. Cool down before ending your session:

So ensure to keep your body moving a little longer as your muscles need to contract.

97. Keep hydrating:

Cycling tips for beginners: 7 ways to stay hydrated without drinking water!

98. Power up recovery period:

99. Get a massage:

100. Rest with plenty of rest:

101. Compression socks:

Now that you are aware of 101 cycling tips for beginners in India, don’t forget to ride safe, have more fun and share them with other cycling buddies.



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