Cycling Tips for Beginners in India: 101 Tips That Will Get You off to a Great Start!

So without any further adieu, let’s go through the 101 cycling tips for beginners:-

Buying a bicycle:

  1. Budget- First things first. You are free to dream about the bicycle you saw your favourite Tour de France rider ride over a steep hill and win KOM. But let’s leave it there, in our dreams. It won’t break, cost a fortune or won’t require maintenance. You will only win classics and grand tours. On the other hand, a budget will help you decide the type of bicycle you can afford to buy. It will also let you filter down to the type of bicycle.
  2. Purpose: Everyone has a purpose to buy a bicycle. Either fitness, commute, racing or long distance. Figure out the purpose and stick to it no matter what temptations.
  3. Type of bike: Now that you have already decided your budget and purpose, you will be in a much better position to shortlist a bicycle. Go ahead and figure out whether your budget lets you buy a road, hybrid or an MTB.
  4. Test Ride- While many of you might consider buying a bicycle online. However, before you get one consider going for a test ride. So head to the local bicycle store and try it out yourself before buying.

5. Frame Size:

6. Bike fit:

  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve overall performance on the bike
  • Enhance overall comfort of the rider
  • Reducing rider fatigue by enhancing efficiency

7. Cycling Jersey:

8. Padded shorts:

9. Helmet:

10. Cycling glasses:

safety gear

11. Cycling gloves:

12. Allen Key:

13. Good lubricant(oil):

14. Tyre pressure:

Cycling tips for beginners: How to get the right tyre pressure?

More cycling tips for beginners: 5 easy tyre pressure hacks

15. Clean your bike:

16. Puncture kit:

Cycle chain care, lube, cleaner and more: Read

17. Learn how to fix a puncture:

Bicycle road safety cycling tips for beginners in India:

18. Be safe:

19. Be Seen:

Tail light and headlight:

  1. That lets you see
  2. Others that let you be seen

20. Headlight:

21. Hand gestures: Cycling tips for beginners

Food and nutrition: cycling tips for beginners in India

22. Sleep:

23. Eat a Good breakfast:

24. Bonking:

25. Hydration:

26. Cramping:

Safety Cycling Tips for beginners in India-

29. Cornering:

30. Be cautious on the gravel:

31. Learn the art of riding in a group:

Some cycling tips techniques for beginners-

32. Cross -chaining gears:

33. Cadence is the key:

34. Braking:

35. Switch to clip in pedals:

36. Join a local WhatsApp group:

37. Download a cycling app:

Tips for cycling uphill for beginners

39. Cycle uphill

40. Cash:

41. Switch to a lower gear:

42. Breathe and pedal:

43. Stay focused:

44. Fight the tendency to shift gears:

45. Climb it in your head:

46. Is there a right gear?

47. Stand or sit?

Cycling tips for beginners lose weight:

48. Start with your diet:

49. Ride regularly, Ride more:

50. Eat carbs and lose fat:

51. Cross train in the gym:

52. Weekly long and easy rides:

53. Recover like a pro:

Cycling tips techniques for beginners in India:

55. Keep your upper body relaxed:

56. Focus on push phase:

57. Riding with one hand:

Monsoon cycling tips for beginners:

57. Invest in a good wet lube:

58. Reduce tyre pressure:

59. Get good mudguards:

60. Check the weather:

61.Brake before you break:

62. Carry spare tubes and not puncture kits:

63: Stuff newspaper in your shoes:

64. Wash your bike:

65. Calves:

66. Quadriceps

  1. Stand straight and reach back with your right hand and grab your right foot at the top of the ankle
  2. Pull it upwards
  3. Hold for 10–15 seconds
  4. Repeat with right leg

67. IT band:

68. Hamstring:

69. Glutes:

70. Neck and Shoulder:

Road bike riding Tips — cycling tips for beginners

74. Don’t ride with headphones on:

75. Keep your head up:

76. Change position while riding:

77. Don’t pedal in high gear for extended periods of time:

78. Use your gears:

79. Left foot down:

Cycling tips for beginners in India: Saddles sores

80. Get a better saddle:

81. Bike positioning:

82. Go to the doctor:

83. Try Chamois cream:

Keep reading more cycling tips for beginners below!

84. Tea tree oil:

85. Keep it clean:

86. Clean shorts:

Cycling tips for beginners to treat road rash:

87. Wash the wound properly:

88. Dress your wound:

Summer cycling tips for beginners in India:

89. Go early:

90. Use a sunscreen:

91. Hydrate with a plan:

92. Wear light colours clothes:

93. Take it easy:

94. Remember to eat:

95. Think about your route:

Recovery cycling tips for beginners:

96. Cool down before ending your session:

97. Keep hydrating:

Cycling tips for beginners: 7 ways to stay hydrated without drinking water!

98. Power up recovery period:

99. Get a massage:

100. Rest with plenty of rest:

101. Compression socks:




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Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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