Decathlon Btwin Bicycle Helmet Review: ST 50 Mountain Bike Helmet

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4 min readOct 19, 2018


A bicycle helmet is a must for every cyclist. Wearing a decent one is always better than wearing nothing at all. After all, you will never know when you would meet with an accident that could cause severe damage to your brain.

To avoid such scenarios, a decent bicycle helmet is a good way to start with. We understand a helmet might spoil your look, but what’s the point of having good and neat hair at the cost of safety?

So make sure you wear one.

We happened to get the cheapest decathlon btwin bicycle helmet that we could find at the nearest store. We used it for quite some time, got familiar with the product and went on to review it!

Below are our findings.


As this is the most basic helmet sold by Decathlon, the ST 50 Mountain Bike helmet will cost you around INR 999. We got it at a discounted price for INR 799. Honestly, on the first look, we knew what we were getting into. So we didn’t expect much either.


The helmet is made from Foam: 100.0% Polystyrene (EPS) — Expanded Shell: 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) and complies with standard EN 1078 for bikes, inline skates and skateboards.
The EN-1078 permits lighter, thinner helmets than some of the other standards. This is because it subjects helmets to impacts from lower heights than either Snell or CPSC.

Also, the back of the helmet is pretty low to protect the rear side of your head.

Comfort and Padding:
The helmet is pretty easy to position on your head with the two buckles. It’s pretty light and comes with a soft sponge on the inside. This sponge can be easily removed and cleaned with soap if dirty. When the helmet is pretty new, it feels good on the head due to padding.

decathlon btwin bicycle helmet

However, the padding is pretty basic and surely won’t last for long. It’ll gradually thin down with use.

Also, we don’t think Decathlon offers only the sponge as a replacement.


As a basic helmet, there’s not much styling you can expect. It looks like a pretty basic helmet that gets the job done.

decathlon btwin bicycle helmet


As it meets with the EN-1078, it can be used for basic cycling and inline skating as well. That being said, it comes with 15 vents that designed more for ventilation, rather than, aerodynamics.

On the other hand, the ventilation seems pretty good that lets air move through. However, we feel this could surely be better.


The straps are pretty standard and come with 2 buckles under the ears and one under the chin, that can be used to adjust the helmet. Due to the two buckles, you are certain to get a good fit that feels comfortable all the time.

decathlon btwin bicycle helmet

That being said, there’s no headlock adjuster. As a result, the helmet fails to give a snug fit. If this would have been present, it would have surely offered more safety and comfort.

The straps seem to be pretty decent. What made us happy were the two buckles that came up along with it that let you adjust easily.

decathlon btwin bicycle helmet


The weight of the helmet is pretty standard. It’s around 280grams that pretty good. It doesn’t feel heavy on the head and doesn’t hurt your neck as well if you wear it for long. However, this could vary from people to people.


The helmet comes with a visor that attached and cannot be removed. It’s pretty good to keep those sun rays off your face.

Also, this Decathlon btwin bicycle helmet does not support any mounting adjustment.


On the overall, we would rate this Decathlon btwin bicycle helmet a 3/5.

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