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5 min readJan 24, 2022


Firefox is not behind when it comes to bicycles for women. With very few bicycles for women, firefox has a few that are worth buying.

Here’s the firefox Karma review. An entry-level Hybrid bicycle specifically designed for women. And if you happen to be on the shorter side, this bike will work like magic.

So let’s get down to the Firefox Karma Review:-

Frame, Fork & Handlebar:

Priced at 20400, the frame of the firefox karma is made from alloy that makes it pretty strong and sturdy. The frame is available only in a 14-inch frame size. Thus, it can be used by people with a height of 4.8 feet too. Besides, it weighs around 14kgs overall that’s a pretty good standard when it comes to bicycle weight.

Tig welded to perfection the Firefox karma comes with a slanting top tube that is specifically designed for women. This makes it easier for women to get on and off the bike. The bike is available in two colours variants.- matte black with purple and blue decals and a matte black with dual-tone blue decals.

The colour scheme surely stands out on Indian roads and is certainly an eye-catcher.

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That being said, we were not quite happy with the placement of the bottle cage bosses. It could be an issue while getting on or off for some of you. A clamp-on bottle cage would just be ideal for such bikes.

Coming to the fork, Firefox karma review, the bicycle offers a ZOOM Alloy suspension fork. 40mm (4 Cms). This suspension fork pretty much helps take the bumps out of the road and gives you superior control while cornering.

This fork is attached to a 600mm steel handlebar that is pretty wide offering a good open chested position while riding.

Nonetheless, firefox also provides a zoom alloy adjustable stem that allows you to adjust your riding posting up to an extend. Whether you will use it or not, having this feature makes a huge difference to your biking experience.

What more do you want an entry-level bicycle?


Equipped with a Shimano drivetrain, the bicycle comes with Shimano tourney TZ at the rear and a Shimano tourney Tx in the front. The 7-speed bike is ideal for beginners looking for enough gears to cover uphills, bridges and flat roads. The entry-level gears offer a decent cycling experience

The Shimano gears are controlled with the EF500 shifters that do a pretty good job at shifting. There’s not much you can expect from the most entry-level groupset of Shimano.


With the shortage of Shimano, firefox has shifted to a micro shift gear system. The Front Derailleur comes with Microshift mezzo m22 and the rear is fitted with Microshift meezo m21.

On our test ride, we did feel the mezzo shifting to be much smoother than Shimano’s tourney.

Both these derailleurs are controlled by micro shift TS 38.

Nonetheless, we’d say Microshift did a pretty good job giving Shimano a run for their money.

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Rims and Tyres:

The Firefox Karma is an urban hybrid bicycle bicycle that comes with 700 c rims that are double-walled. These rims surely can take the beating from Indian roads without a doubt. So don’t hesitate to go over bumpy and rugged roads.

That being said the rims hold 700 X35C nylon tyres that roll really well. They are ideal for the Indian roads and you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Provided you take care of them.

The 35c tyres are pretty wide offering good comfort on your long weekend rides as well.

That being said, the front wheel has a Quick Release Option to dismantle the wheel, whereas, the rear wheel does not have a Quick Release option.

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Seat and Seat post:

The seat post is made from steel and comes with a quick-release which makes it easy to adjust the seat on the go. And as this bicycle is specifically designed for women, the bicycle comes with a comfortable saddle that suits women more. It’s soft and has a wider rear offering better support to the rear while riding.


As an entry-level bicycle, the Karma comes with powerful V brakes that are pretty good when it comes to stopping. They offer instant response and are suitable for slowing down or stopping in any kind of weather conditions. Besides, V brakes are pretty low on maintenance. So you don’t have to worry when it comes to cost in the long run.

Grips and pedals:

As you are in direct contact with the bicycle, grips are important when it comes to a longer ride. The karma comes with grips that offer you to rest your palms, making it far more comfortable than ordinary grips. On the other hand, they come with well plastic pedals, that are very standard and get the job done.

So if you are looking for a comfortable women-specific bicycle that offers a decent gear range and comfortable the firefox karma is for you.

Note — The Firefox Karma now comes with a Microshift Mezzo 21-Speed drivetrain

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