Firefox Meteor Review 2021 — Specifications & Price [New]

Velocrush India
4 min readJan 2, 2022


Firefox is truly a happening brand. Over the years, their bikes have gained a lot of attention. We happened to get our hands on the Firefox meteor. With the pandemic still affecting the supply chain, the brand has done a fabulous job with the bicycle and its components.

We took it for a test ride and here’s what we felt during the firefox meteor review.


The Firefox Meteor came with an alloy frame and is available in three sizes, Small, medium and large. On first look the classy paint job makes you want to get on and just ride.

The frame is strong, sturdy and decently light. And if you looking for a performance-focused hybrid at an affordable price, look no further.

And when it comes to colours, the Meteor is available in two colours, blue and light blue and black and dark green. We liked the way the seat stays are welded low, giving the bike a different look as compared to what’s in the market.

Handlebar and Fork:

Coming to the features, the bicycle is paired with a 50 mm front suspension fork that comes with Lockout.

A small switch that allows you to adjust the stiffness of the compression on the bike. This surely helps on rugged roads, easy trails and even while climbing. Thus, making it an all-rounder.

Besides, the wide 660 mm alloy handlebar gives you a great open chested position allowing you to breathe better while cycling. You can even corner much better with the wide handlebar.

Drive train:

With the shortage of Shimano, looks like the brand decided to adopt a micro shift gear system. The Front Derailleur comes with Microshift mezzo m22 and the rear is fitted with microsihft meezo m21.

Let me tell you, Mezzo is the equalivant of Shimano’s tourney groupset. However, we do feel the mezzo feels much smoother than Shimano’s tourney.

Both these derailleurs are controlled by micro shift TS 38. On our test ride, the gear shifting was crisp and on point. However, we did find the thumb position to be a bit far. Also, it required us to change our hand position to shift. It was a bit of a challenge.

All that being said, I’d say Microshift did a pretty good job giving Shimano a run for their money.

Rims and Tyres:

The 700C double-walled rims are paired with nylon tyres on the bike that are surely long-lasting and durable. Without a doubt, these tires are suitable for rugged roads as well the city and country roads. The 32C tyres offer great grip on wet as well as dry roads. besides, they offer enough comfort when it comes to rolling and comfort. With the shortage of tires, I guess this is the best you can get right now!

Disc Brakes:

When it comes to braking, the Firefox meteor comes with Jak7 mechanical disc brakes. On our short term test, the brakes performed well. The front disc brake was on point, however, the rear brake lacked that impact you get from other brands. These disc brakes are widely found on firefox and many other brands.

We tried to google and read up more about the brand, however, there was nothing that to is found.

Overall, we honestly feel the whole brake set-up would be from a better brand.

Grips and Pedals:

firefox meteor

Another firefox bicycle that comes with plastic pedals sure makes the bike a few grams lighter, but considering it’s a full package, metal pedals would surely add that cherry on the icing. Besides, the grips too are decent and get the job done.


The saddle on the meteor is standard too. It’s pretty much the same that we have seen not the volant as well. Pair if with a good pair of bib shorts and you are good to go.

We have included some links of bicycle accessories in the description below you can buy to go along with the firefox meteor

So if you are looking for a reliable performance hybrid bicycle at a lower price point and is suitable for long-distance cycling, the Firefox meteor is for you!