Firefox Road Runner Pro D Review [2021]

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5 min readApr 21, 2021

The Firefox Road Runner Pro D. It’s one of the most popular hybrid bikes in India. Over the years, the Rapide 21S has evolved to only become better like wine. And this is only because the pricing, the features and the looks are just perfect!

But there’s more why the bike is a favourite among newbie, avid and even those who love riding long distance.

Let’s review the Firefox Road Runner Pro D and get to know more!

Firefox Road Runner Pro D Review

Frame and Fork:

As expected, the Firefox Road Runner Pro D is made from alloy. A combination of circular and square tubes with a matte finish paint job gives it a premium look. While the frame looks very classy, in our opinion, it is slightly heavier…

The Road Runner is pretty versatile and can be ridden on smooth as well moderately rough surface. Besides, the upright position makes it ideal for those looking to spend long hours cycling.

The Road runner pro D comes with a Suspension fork reduces the vibrations from the road to a higher extend.

Material: Alloy

Frame Sizes: 45 Cms (18"), 49 Cms (19.5") & 53 Cms (21")

Weight: 19kgs

Price: Approx 23,900–25,000

Handlebar & Stem:

The handlebar is 600mm wide and comes with nice comfortable grips that let you set your palm and ride longer distance.

On our ride, we noticed that these grips provide padding and vibration damping to keep hands comfortable, even on extremely long or bumpy rides.

Besides, there is also an adjustable alloy stem that helps in customising your positioning on the bike as per your comfort.

This is one of the unique feature of the Firefox Rapide 21s that makes it so likeable. However, it can only be used to make small changes.

The handling of the bike is fast due to the thin wheels and the short handlebar. And as a budget entry level hybrid, it seems to be right.

Handlebar: Steel 600mm (60 Cms), 30mm (3 Cms) rise

Stem: ZOOM Alloy adjustable, 28.6mm (2.86 Cms)

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Drive Train:

The Firefox Rapide 21s is powered with Shimano Acera RD and Shimano Tourney FD. The gears are controlled with EF 500 7 speed shifters. Designed to work in tough conditions Acera works beautifully as it’s made for hard labour.

Besides, it’s lighter than the Tourney and Altus and doesn’t really cost a lot. What we liked about Shimano Acera is, it doesn’t require much maintenance either.

Firefox Road Runner Pro D Review

On the other hand, the Shimano Tourney FD lies right at the bottom. And this is what you get on almost all budget bikes.


The braking is pretty powerful too with the Tektro Aries MD-M300 MTB Mechancial Disc Brake. This is the first time we used these mechanical brakes by Shimano and we really liked them. However, we did find the bite to be slightly harder as compared to other Tektro brakes.

Besides, maintaining these disc brakes is quite easy.

Firefox Road Runner Pro D

Tyres and Rims:

As expected this budget entry level hybrid comes with 36 spokes double walled alloy rims that are strong and durable. They are perfect to take the beating on our roads but seem to be slightly heavier that add more weight to the overall bicycle.

These rims are complimented with 700X 32C tyres that roll pretty well with the Quando hubs that come with a really good cup and cone setup. They also have a quick release that makes it easy to remove the wheels.

Wheels: Alloy Double wall 36H Rims

Tires: 700 X 35C


We have been using this bike for the last 6 months and the saddle is pretty comfortable, it has enough padding and does offer comfort on your long rides. However, the outside of the seat just started to peel off with time. If you really like this bike, this seat peeling off can be prevented with the use of a seat cover.

The seat post also comes with a quick release that makes it very easy to adjust the seat height.

Now, coming to the pros and cons.

We really liked the frame geometry, the hubs, wheels and the drive train. Besides, the overall weight of the bike, there’s nothing much we would want to change here.

Now, moving on to what we didn’t like… the seat crumbling off its bed and the zoom Adjustable stem. We didn’t quite like it to be honest. We’d rather prefer a normal stem that could be swapped if required. We’d also prefer a flat bar instead of the riser handlebar for much for more versatility and precise turning.

The Firefox Road Runner Pro D with front suspension is suitable for commuting, fitness rides and your long weekend rides. With a Shimano acrea and tourney drivetrain Quando hubs the bike is a Joy to ride.

So if yo are looking for a performance focussed hybrid, the road runner pro is a good bet.

Firefox Road Runner Pro D

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Courtesy: Sadhika and Rahul

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