Haloglow Helmets Review: Best Bike Helmet with Lights

Velocrush India
4 min readDec 19, 2018

Safety is an important concern for the cyclist, especially if you’re going for a ride in the night. While the traffic surely reduces, and the roads are all yours, speeding cars, dark alleys can be a nuisance. In such cases, being able to see and being seen from all directions is equally important.

At times, in spite of your bike is equipped with lights might just not be enough. Needless to say, if you happen to ride on dark roads, wearing the best bike helmet with lights can make all the difference.

Recently, we were contacted by haloglow helmets from the UK to review their best bike helmet with lights. The helmet is unique and comes with integrated LED light all the way to ensure visibility from all directions 360 degrees.

best bike helmet with lights

So we decided to review this best bike helmet with lights!

Read to find out what we feel!

But before we get into the review, here is our list of some of the best bicycle helmet!


When it comes to safety, the quality of haloglow helmet really stands out at the price at which it is available. It is fused with EPS high energy absorbing foam shell that makes it tougher. Besides, the outer shell also wraps around the bottom of the helmet for added protection.

The LED lights make the rider visible from the side where over 70% of accidents occur. Thus making it safer for you when you invade the roads in the dark. This best bike helmet with light has been tested to withstand temperatures -20̊ C to 120̊C as well.

These helmets also come with an injected colour stripe that adds visual impact to the fibre even during daytime.

Besides, it complies with EU EN1078 and North America CPSC safety standard compliant.

Comfort and padding:

The helmet is available in 2 sizes M 52–56cm and L 56–62cm. It is one of the most comfortable helmets we have ever tried so far. This is large because the helmet comes with in-mould technology that makes it possible to offer a good fit. Moreover, the easy-to-use large rear adjustor dial is what lets you get a custom fit.

Technology and design:

The helmet comes with In-mold Polycarbonate PC Outer Shell which is fused with EPS high energy absorbing foam shell to create tougher helmet.


The helmet comes with 17 vents that offer enough ventilation while riding and keeps you cool.


best bike helmet with lights

The straps of the helmet are wide, light and strong. The helmet comes with a low stretch nylon cord with more ventilation holes. There’s also a padded chin strap that makes it super comfortable and no irritation below the chin.


As compared to other helmets in the market, the weight of Haloglow helmets is pretty similar. Have a look at the weight as per the size

1. M 52–56cm 280g

2. L 56–62cm 290g


best bike helmet with lights

The helmet is equipped with two LEDs that provide up to 10,000 hours of continuous usage. Powered by 2 x CR2032 batteries, the Helmet offers 55 hours Steady and 120 hours Pulse mode. This makes it visible from every direction protecting the rider’s head with 360-degree visibility.

Needless to say, when we tried the helmet for our first night ride (The Velocrush Ride) on the streets of Mumbai, we got a lot of attention.


You can buy the helmet from our E-shop at INR 4,550. Considering the safety standards, design and light features, the helmet is very affordable.


1.Equipped with lights


3.Very good fitting

4. Head adjuster equipped


1. Exclusively available on velocrush

2. Might not be ideal for monsoon use

What does the Haloglow helmet come with?

1. Comes with a mini screwdriver for ease of access to the rear battery compartment

2. EU EN1078 and North America CPSC safety standard compliant

3. Pass: EMC, REACH, Rohs2, EN62471, IP54; CA65

4. 2 sizes M 52–56cm and L 56–62cm

5. Also, comes with two extra screws


If you need to buy a helmet, you may as well buy 1 with integrated light enabling you to be seen from all directions!