How to buy a second hand bicycle? Simple Proven Ways

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3 min readApr 27, 2017

It has come to our notice that a lot of people in India are working for more than eight hours a day. They are also known to carry their work home. This has caused people to be overworked and the need for a healthy lifestyle has become a concern. While many might pay for a yearly membership and lose interest over the next few months, there are a few who chose to run or ride a bicycle.

While running or gyming might seem comparatively easy and cost-effective, cycling on the other hands seems to be an expensive affair. The lavish bikes, the latest cycling apparel is all wanted by the newbies, however, one thing always stops them from getting their hands on those mean machines, budget.

If you happen to be one of those, a second-hand bicycle can be a good option. However, choosing the right second-hand bike can be quite daunting.

Here are a few tips that will make your life a breeze-

How to buy a second-hand bicycle


buy second hand bicycle

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Just like buying a new bike, having a budget for your second-hand bike is a must. A budget will help you filter your choices to a few.

Model type:

Today, you are likely to get a variety of bicycles like the road bike, mountain bike and the hybrid. You can also get your hands on a foldable and so on. Once, you have decided the type of bike, life is much easier.

Find the right second-hand bike:

Finding the right bike might take a while and joining Facebook cycling groups can be very useful. You can also consider downloading OLX and getting in touch with cycling stores. Keeping an eye on these portals with patience will definitely take you one step closer to getting a second-hand bike.

Inspect the bike:

bike inspection

If you happen to get in touch with any of the sellers, consider meeting them in person and trying out the second hand bicycle before buying. It is always a good idea to take someone along who knows about bicycles. Also, ensure to carry out all aspects of the bike in natural daylight.

Inspect each bike part in specific:


No matter how old or new, ensure to inspect the age of every bicycle frame. Inspect for cracks or any other kind of damage.


Check for the smooth operation, the age of brake pad and ensure that there is no issue.


Check out the condition of the chain, cassette and the drivetrain. They should not show any signs of wear or damage.

Tyres and rims:

While buying a second-hand bicycle, ensure to check the tyres and rims as well. The tyres should have a good tread all the way across the surface and should show no signs of uneven wear or damage. Also, ensure to take a look at the rims, they should always be true. Don’t forget to check the wheels for cracks, broken spoke, rust or corrosion as well.

Frame size:

While everything might have seemed right, if the bike frame size seems is not right for your height, don’t buy it. Getting the right frame size will help you ride in comfort and enjoy the ride.


If all the above things work out the way you wanted, do make it a point to negotiate the price. You could end up saving more, and use that money to buy bicycle accessories and so on.


Buying a second-hand bicycle is a good idea if you are saving a significant amount of money. Don’t hurry, take your time and decide which bike you want as options are always available. Take a test ride, use all its gears and ensure to hear all the sounds. Once everything seems good, go ahead and enjoy the pleasures of riding a bicycle.

So if you know of anyone who is confused on how to buy a second-hand bicycle, ensure to guide them to this article.