How to Paint Bicycle Rims — DIY

As kids, most of us would love to pick up the paint brush and get creative, sometimes on paper but more often than not, on the wall. Well, painting a bicycle rim is the same, just replace the wall with a bicycle rim. That’s right! It’s not as complicated as it sounds. And unlike your wall art, this is sure to get you compliments.

Things you will need to paint bicycle rims:

Before you get started:

Before you actually start the pain bicycle rims, you need to grab on to the
valve of the tube and release the air. Once you have done that, remove
the tyre and the tube using tyre levers.

Let’s get started:

As you cruise around the city on your oh-so-cool wheels, watch heads turn with every turn of your wheels.

NOTE: When you cover the spoke with the tape please be careful to stick in a manner so it becomes easier to undo it!

Editor Courtesy: Tracy Alvares

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