How to Prepare for Your First 100 Km Cycling

Velocrush India
2 min readDec 11, 2017

It doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with cycling. But when you do, cycling becomes a part of your life whether day or night. Once you are on the bike, those short rides slowly progress to 30k and 50k rides. And cycling long distance seems to be much easier and a whole lot of fun! Once you reach this mark, you are always looking to get better. Convert those 30s and 50s to 70 and eventually a century.

If you are looking to prepare for your first 100 Km cycling ride, remember these and you will thank us later.

Sleep well:

Before you hit the road, ensure to get a good night’s sleep. This will help improve your performance and overall health.

Fuel Well:

Eating a good meal before the day of your century ride is vital. Make sure you are optimally hydrated and load on a good amount of carbs. Here’s a list of the best carbs you can consume. Also, do have a good breakfast before you head out for your first 100 km cycling ride.

Pace well:

Once you start to ride, maintain a steady pace. Keep a cadence that is not too hard or too easy to maintain for your century ride. Starting out on a high average can turn to be a disaster in the second half of your 100 Km Cycling ride.

If you are riding in a group, ride at your own pace and not somebody else’s.

Eat and Drink while your ride:

While you are cycling, most of the times we forget to eat and keep ourselves hydrated. Get into a habit of eating and drinking before you even need it. Waiting for your body to give you a signal to eat and drink means it’s probably too late.

Carry plenty of water and sip every 15 minutes. You can also carry electrolytes in your bottle as they are crucial and can help you maintain the electrolyte level.

Set small goals:

A good way to go about acing your century ride is to break up the distance with small victories. Countdown the miles to the next main landmark or station or just focus on every 5 or 10 kilometres. Thinking about the 100 Km Cycling ride as a whole will make the distance seem unconquerable.

Have fun:

While you ride, it is a good idea to focus on the ride, cadence and numbers. However, don’t forget to have fun on your first 100 Km Cycling. Do enjoy the scenery and atmosphere. Click a lot of Selfies and pictures with your bike and share it with us #VeloCrushIndia

That being said, don’t forget to get your bike ready for your first 100 Km Cycling. Here’s a quick guide to avoiding last minute hassle!