How to Reduce Belly Fat Fast by Cycling

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4 min readSep 12, 2018

It’s quite a common sight to see people with a spare tire around their waist. These extra pounds are certainly bad for your health. If you’re technically overweight and have a bigger waistline, you’re at risk for heart disease. It is also linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and diabetes.

If you are looking for ways on how to reduce belly fat fast, you’re in the right place. Assuming you already have a bicycle, you can perform a number of workouts on the bicycle and burn fat fast. Simultaneously, get fit and fast!

4 Ways: How to reduce belly fat fast by cycling

Go Hard to Reduce Belly Fat Fast:

Interval training is a very good way to kick-start the process of burning belly fat. Stick to one day in a week or go hard on weekends. Studies have shown that interval training significantly helps in reducing belly fat.

Here’s one simple way on how to reduce belly fat fast by cycling at a high intensity

  • Warm up- 10–15 minutes
  • Go hard for 30 seconds (on a scale of 1 -10, go 9)
  • Go easy for one minute
  • Repeat (5 times)
reduce belly fat fast

Keep It balanced to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

Needless to say, overdoing anything is probably not a good idea. Even when it comes to going hard to burn that spare tire. So ensure to put a cap on the intensity to a couple of weeks and mix it up with rest days and long easy rides (zone 2).

These balanced rides are not only a good way to burn fat but also aid in building your slow-twitch, endurance muscle fibres. These rides also help in increasing capillary development, improving your ability to use lactate for energy, and make you a better fat-burner.

Use the 80/20 Rule to Lose Belly Fat Fast:

The “80/20 rule,” also called polarized training is often prescribed by coaches. This method is worth trying to not only burn fat but also get fast and fit not the bike.

In this method, you spend 80% riding time at low intensity and 20 per cent at moderate to hard intensity. This way, when you have to go hard, you have the energy and freshness in your legs to go hard enough to maximise those interval efforts.

Needless to say, hitting both intensities actually improves your overall abilities. Your slow-twitch muscle fibres do the work of recycling the lactate your high-intensity, fast-twitch fibres produce.

As a result, you are able to work harder at the high intensity which in turn stimulates more fat burning.

Include Fasted Riding to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

A good way to burn belly fat is by riding at least two to three times a week ‘fasted’. Just ensure that you start your ride on an empty stomach. (Your regular dose of caffeine is permitted).

Those of you thinking of going on a long ride can also start riding on an empty stomach. But this time make sure you are carrying food along and eat at the 2-hour mark. The idea here is to not bonk. After you have fastened all night, your glycogen stores are low, so your body needs to tap the fat reserves for fuel. The fasted method is tried and true way to help burn more belly fat fast.

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Commute to Work to Reduce Belly Fat Fast:

Biking to work might not be enough to give you that long workout that needs you to dig in your fat reserves. However, even a small bike ride will deliver fat-burning benefits over time

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health reported that people who started commuting by bike for as little as 10 minutes each way lost a couple of pounds and improved their BMIs over a span of two years.

Those whose commutes were at least 30 minutes each way saw significant weight and BMI improvements, losing about 15 pounds and reducing their BMI and average of 2.25 points over the same time period.

Now that you know 4 ways on how to reduce belly fat fast, which will you give a try? Comment and let us know below!