How to start cycling?

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4 min readMay 28, 2016


As a child we all loved cycling didn’t we? However, somewhere down the line, the simple pleasure of riding a bike has lost its way. With age, life got complicated and we all have forgotten to do the things we once loved. If you are reading this, chances are you want to get back on the saddle and start cycling. But the major question is how to start cycling? Don’t stress, we are here to help you.

After all these years, you are probably out of shape and so is your bike. If that’s the case then maybe you need a new one; legs will build in the process.


Get her fixed/buy a new ride:

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Your bike must have been in bad shape just like your legs and lungs. Get her out and take her to a good mechanic who can restore her to what she used to be. If she is too small for you or completely worn out; consider buying a new bike. After all, who doesn’t like new bling? This could be a good motivation that helps you with your goal — cycling. Just make sure to buy a frame that suits you right.

Start slow:


Remember the time when we were kids? Riding fast, riding hard and beating your friends were the only goal. Those times were different; you were young, cycling was pleasurable and there was no harm as you rode in your society, compound, parks, etc. However, cycling on the road is a completely different ball game. Mastering the art of how to start cycling on the road can be done by simply starting slow. There is no rush; slow and steady will win the race. Just remember. Cadence is the key.

Get the right clothing and equipment:

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A brand new expensive bike can be a good start to relive those childhood moments. Another basic step that needs to be followed while cycling is to invest in good equipment’s and clothing. Make sure to buy a good helmet, sunglasses, gloves, cycling shorts and jerseys that will make cycling a much smoother ride.

Get a bike fit done:

how to start cycling

Now that you have a bike, essential clothing and equipment, a bike fit is a must. Many of us ignore this, but it is highly recommended as you will ride longer and stronger without any injuries. You could choose to go to a bicycle store like Bikeshark or simply read our article by clicking here. A little common sense, some patience and our recipe are all the things you need.

Follow traffic rules:

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Everything is perfect at the moment and your plan on how to start cycling is definitely going to be fun. But do remember that you are on the road and not within a closed space. So don’t get carried away while you’re on the street. Following traffic rules will ensure a good and safe ride.

Get a cycling buddy:


Cycling around the city or any other place can get monotonous over a period of time (for some of you). Look for a partner or cycling groups and start exploring new routes. You will also have someone who will look after your back at all times. Besides, your cycling related knowledge will be only multiplied day-by-day.

Join a cycling group:


As the cycling culture is flourishing throughout India, you will come across an abundance of cycling groups. Join the ones you think will fulfill your requirements. No need to join them all. Here you can meet more like-minded people with whom you can ride more and learn more about this lovely sport that we all know as cycling.

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