Interview with Sachin Palewar: Co-founder of Cycle Safari, India’s only Cycling Holidays Company

• With #TourDeCG being a great success, how does it feel after organising your first cycling tour?

• We are very curious to know, what made you start ‘Cycle Safari’?

Cycling brought joy to me and I have been always thinking can I turn my passion into a profession?

• What do you love about cycling and cycling trips?

• What were your learning lessons from this tour?

• What do you think could have been better on the tour?

• Of course, organising this cycling tour was not a bed of roses. What were your biggest obstacles that you have faced while organising this tour?

• How did Chhattisgarh Tourism help you?

• Do you think bike tours is going to the next big thing in India?

• Any other plans on organising another cycling tour?

Originally published at Velocrushindia.



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