Java Veloce 2 Review — Best Entry Level Roadbike for Beginners

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4 min readDec 14, 2018


We recently got our hands on the Java Veloce 2 for a review. An entry level road bike that comes at a lower price point and offers pretty decent components. Designed in Italy, the brand has been around for quite some time now.

Placed at just INR 39,000, the cool colours, decent components has surely lured the most of you already. So we decided to review the bike to find out if it’s worth the money!

Let’s check it out!

If you’re looking for an entry level road bike that doesn’t compromise much on quality and is available at a lower price point, the Java Veloce 2 is what you should be looking at. In spite of being a lesser known bike brand in the market, the bike does everything that any other road bike would do in the same price range.

Frame, Fit and comfort:

The Veloce 2, comes with a standard 6061 aluminium Alloy frame that is durable, versatile and sturdy. The geometry of the bicycle is well-designed and is light in weight. The endurance oriented bicycle frame is suitable for anyone looking to ride around town for fitness, or even get into long distance cycling.

Carbon fork:

java veloce 2 review

Unlike other bicycles within the same price point, the Veloce 2 surprisingly comes with a carbon fork that sets it apart from everyone. The carbon fork provides an added advantages offering good flexibility to absorb bumps.

However, the overall weight of the bike still seems to be on the heavier side.

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Handle and stem:

The Java Veloce 2 comes with a standard Deca handlebar and a 110mm stem that get the job done. The flat top of the handlebar offers added comfort that makes long rides a pleasure. However, the 110 mm stem might just be too long for the most of you. Get a professional bike fit done when you buy the bike, this will help you from spending extra later.

Radius brakes:

java veloce 2 review

We tried finding more details about the Radius brake systems that came pre-installed on the bike. However, we were unable to do so when it came to this lesser known bicycle brand. Needless to say, when we tested its capabilities and performance, it offers a similar experience as Shimano and tecktro!

Deca wheels and tyres:

Again a lesser known brand, the java bike comes with Deca wheels and tyres that are pretty durable and sturdy. We rode them over gravel, mud,/ concrete and made sure they get enough beating. And the bike held up really well, just as we expected

Bicycle Seat:

java veloce 2 review

After riding the bicycle for over 1000 kilometres, we still found the seat a little uncomfortable. On closer inspection, we realised that the seat has barely much cushioning to support the sit bones. If you experience the same, get a bike fit done. If it still is a problem, take it as a sign and get the saddle changed. Besides the seat is supported by a standard Deca seat post that stations the seat in position.


java veloce 2 review

The Veloce 2 comes with Shimano Claris as the primary groupset. Claris as a groupset is robust and is reliable for both newbies and enthusiasts who want to experience smooth shifting and feel comfortable while riding.

Just ensure you check the bicycle groupset, as some shopkeepers happily downgrade without your knowledge to make more money. Learn more about bicycle groupsets by visiting the link here.

Unless you are someone who doesn’t want a branded bicycle at an expensive price point, the Java Veloce 2 is worth the buy!


1.Low price point

2.Carbon Fork


1.A place for only one bottle cage

2.A bit heavier in spite of the carbon Fork