Madura Waykar Interview — Junior Asian Track Cycling Championship Participant

VeloCrush: How did you get into cycling?

VeloCrush: What were the obstacles you faced when you got into cycling?

VeloCrush: As a woman cyclist, how do people react when you go out to train?

VeloCrush: What is your diet like during the racing season?

VeloCrush: Tell us something about your training?

VeloCrush: What bikes do you own and which is your favourite? Why?

VeloCrush: Tell us something about your coach?

VeloCrush: What are your off seasons like?

VeloCrush: Would you suggest us some ways to recover from sprint training?

VeloCrush: Would you like to share some expert tips for cyclists looking to achieve bigger goals?

VeloCrush: Any role model? Tell us a reason why?

VeloCrush: What is your opinion on cycling in India? What are your goals for the future?

VeloCrush: Would you be interested in promoting cycling among women in India?

VeloCrush: What keeps you motivated?

VeloCrush: What’s your favourite part of the race?

VeloCrush: What do you think about while you’re training?

VeloCrush: Tell us something that endurance racing has taught you in life?



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