Montra Cycles in India — Price and Review [2021]

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6 min readJun 19, 2020

When you talk about affordable entry level bicycles, Montra cycles is a brand that quickly comes to mind. And when it comes to buying a good looking performance bicycle at a lower price point, montra cycles in India offers a huge variety.

And in this video, we have covered the best montra cycles that you can consider buying-

So let’s dive right it!

Montra cycles are available in different categories.

  • MTB
  • Hybrid
  • RTB
  • Road
  • Urban Sports Bike and
  • Kids bike

Besides, they also have bikes in 26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29ers. Keep watching till the end to know the difference between the wheel size and how it makes a difference to your ride.

So let’s begin with the MTB’s

Montra Back beat: 27.5 :-

If you are looking for a bicycle to ride on flat roads and smooth trails, the montra back beat is for you. The bike is a complete package as it comes with an all rounder suspension lockout, mechanical disc brakes, 27.5 tires and Shimano tourney gears.

Montra Cycle Price: INR 19,125*

Montra Mad Rock (3.1) 27.5

Another entry level MTB by Montra that makes it to our list is the Montra MadRock. The bike comes with typical entry level specifications such as Shimano tourney groupset, suspension fork and a sturdy alloy frame.

If you are on a tight budget looking for an entry level MTB for city specific rides, this bike is for you.

Montra Cycle Price: INR 17,100*

montra cycle review


Montra’s metal is another entry level MTB that’s suitable for beginners looking for a sturdy bike. The major benefit of this bicycle is that the alloy top tube is slanted offering extra clearance for the ride while standing. Besides, this feature the metal also comes with Shimano tourney gears, suspension fork with mechanical lockout and mechanical disc brakes.

Montra Cycle Price: 21,750

Montra Rock 4.1

The Rock 4.1 comes with an aggressive 6061 aluminium alloy frame and Suntour suspension fork with hydraulic suspension lockout. Besides, this bike also comes with a Shimano altus and acera groupset and tektro novela mechanical disc brakes that sets the standard pretty high for a budget MTB.

Montra Cycle Price: 30,700

Montra Rock 2.1

The Montra rock series also comes with the Rock 2.1. It’s equipped with an alloy frame, suspension fork, Shimano altus groupset and double walled alloy rims that make it a perfect MTB for beginners. And not to forget the dual mechanical disc brakes that make stopping easy.

Montra cycle Price: 27,375

Montra Rock 1.1

When it comes to entry level mtbs and hybrids, montra has left plenty of options to choose from at different price range. And with the Montra rock 1.1, you can now enjoy a bicycle with mechanical disc brakes, 50 mm travel suspension fork and Shimano tourney gears.

montra cycle reviews

Opt for this bicycle if you are looking to venture on smooth trails or just city riding.

Montra cycle Price: 19,900*

Montra Hybrid Cycles

Now, let’s move on to the best montra hybrid cycles. If you are looking for the best cycles under 10000 in India, then click here. If you are looking to buy only the best hybrid cycles in India, watch some of our recommendations here.

4. Montra Trance Women

Women looking for a quality bicycle can opt for the montra trance women. The bike comes with a step through alloy frame that makes it easy to get on and off the cycle.

Moreover, the bike with 21speed Shimano gears, V brakes and a suspension fork.

If you are looking for a women oriented bicycle for commute, fitness and occasional long distance cycling, the montra trance women is for you.

Montra Cycle Price: INR 19,900*

montra cycle price

3. Montra Downtown:

Another entry level hybrid bicycle that comes with 21-Speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain and disc brake is the Montra’s downtown. Placed at a good price point, this hybrid bicycle is ideal for commuting and occasional long rides.

If you are looking to buy a hybrid bicycle at a tight budget for fitness or commute purpose, then the montra downtown is what you should be looking at.

Montra Cycle Price: 16,575

montra cycles

2.Montra helicon disc

The Montra helicon is one of the most cool looking bicycle made by Montra. The bike comes with a strikingly classy looking alloy frame that’s sure to catch anyones attention wherever you ride.

Montra Cycle Price: 18,900

montra cycle

1. Montra Trance D

The montra trance D Comes with a strong aluminium alloy frame, zoom suspension fork, Shimano tourney drive train and mechanical disc brakes. Thus making it the perfect companion for city riding , fitness and long distance rides.

Montra cycle Price: 20,800

Montra Cycles: Road bikes

Now that we are done with the best montra cycles in the mtb and hybrid category, let’s move on to road bikes.


Besides making entry level hybrids and MTbs, Montra also offers decent road bikes for those who love speed. The Montra Celtic is one such Road bike that comes with aluminium frame, V brakes and Shimano claris groupset.

This montra cycle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to buy their first entry level roadbike.

Montra cycle price Price: 37,000


If you are on a very low budget but still wish to have a road bike, Montra unplugged could be a good choice. This basic entry level bicycle comes with Caliper Brakes, Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs, Aluminium Frame.

If you are really keen on getting a road bike and are not worried about the components, this road bike is a good start.

Montra cycle Price: 28,950

montra cycles india

These are the best montra cycles according to us. And if you like this video, make sure to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss out on the world of Indian cycling. And if you wish to know more about Indian cycling, head over to our website.

And as promised here’s the differences between 26’’, 27.5’’ and 29 inch bicycles.

Now I want to turn this over to you, which is your favourite montra cycle or rather, which montra cycle would you like to own? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.