Raipur Randonneurs: K Tripti Rao Becomes the First Women Cyclist to Complete 600

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4 min readApr 15, 2018

How many of us truly manage to handle our day job and full fill our passion?

Not many, we are sure.

However, there are a few who completely nails it.

One of them happens to be K Tripti Rao from Chhattisgarh who recently became the first woman Randonneur to complete 600km brevet in 27.5hrs in Noida.

A full-time lawyer by day and endurance cyclists by Night, Tripti has managed to find the right balance between cycling and Job.

Here’s Tripti’s interview to give you more insights on how she went on to become the first woman Randonneur from Chhattisgarh to complete 600km brevet

You’re the first woman from Chhattisgarh to complete the Super Randonneur series. How does it feel?

It feels great being a Super Randonneur as every cyclist desires this title.

Do you think women in India should be educated about the need to start cycling?

Yes, of course, women need to be educated about cycling more, especially in India where most of the women take their health for granted owing to many household responsibilities. Apart from various health benefits cycling is a good way to socialize and build connections which will definitely good for their mental health.

How did you get into cycling?

One friend got me into cycling.

How did you manage to train yourself along with a full-time job?

Yes, handling a full-time job with training was something I struggled with. But as we all know if you’re passionate about something you need to make time for it by striking a balance.So I tried to practice this mantra a bit.

As a woman cyclist, how did people react while you were in your cycling attire cruising through villages and a small town?

Reactions have been mixed so far but mostly positive. Most of the people expressed surprise giving a curious look. Some found it amusing and a few did not react at all

Did you face any obstacles along the way?

No, not really. It was a smooth ride.

How was your experience cycling during the night?

Experience of Cycling at night was good as I had a good group otherwise it’s the most challenging part of a brevet as you need to manage your sleep and need to be more cautious and alert to avoid any danger.

What did you eat before, during and after the ride?

I had Bread, Cheese slices, Peanut Butter and Bananas before the ride. During the ride, I ate normal food like Roti, Rice, Dal, sabzi and curd but avoided spicy food. Took a lot of fluids also like juices, energy drinks, electrolytes and of course a lot of water. After the ride, I just ate everything.

What was going through your mind while cycling 600kms?

Nothing specific was going through my mind. I was just visualizing the finish point.

Any advice you would give women cyclist looking to attempt their first BRM?


Long distance cycling might seem tough but it’s not all that difficult if you are consistent and regular with your rides. It has always been mind over body. Just stay mentally strong and determined and you can achieve any target.

Tell us a few must carry items for women while on the road?

You must carry face wipes, a good sunscreen, lip balm, sanitary napkins, a few basic medicines and an electric torch for safety.

Do you have any other plans for the future?

Let’s see. I haven’t decided on anything yet. I will work towards improving my cycling skills.

How did you keep yourself hydrated?

I drank water frequently and consistently. I took other fluids also for maintaining hydration like electrolytes, juices and energy drinks.

How has this achievement changed the way you look at life?

This achievement gave me a strong sense of confidence to set high goals in life.

What was the most challenging part of this ride?

Being a woman safety issue bothers me all the time rest everything can be tackled. So, for me riding at night was a bit challenging as I was struggling to be all alert and cautious by controlling my sleep.

Did you get any cramps or saddle sores? If yes, how did you deal with it?

No, I did not get any cramps and saddle soreness is an inevitable part of long distance cycling. I used vaseline and chamois cream to reduce it.

Special Thanks to K Tripti Rao

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