Raipur Randonneurs:- Tripti and Abhishek pedal their ways to glory


Velocrush India
2 min readApr 3, 2018

The culture of cycling in India is growing rapidly.

Recently, cycling enthusiastic, Tripti Rao became the first woman Randonneur from Chhattisgarh to complete 600km brevet in 27.5hrs in Noida. Her state-mate Abhishek Tiwari also became the first man rider from the state to complete 1200km brevet in 75 hours at the Noida-Jammu route.

Tripti, a lawyer by profession, told TOI: “Since 2012, I was doing long distance cycling and previously, I have complete 200km, 300km and 400km brevets from Nagpur also. Brevets are the long-distance checkpoint bicycle rides with route length of 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 and 1200Km to be completed in 13.5, 20, 27, 40, 75 and 90 hours. This time, I took 27.5 hours to complete my brevet and became the first women rider of Chhattisgarh to do so”.

When asked about how difficult it was? Tripti replied stated that: “If a rider on consistent practice of cycling than he or she can do it though they have to start gradually because it needs a large amount of stamina and energy so regular practice is the only mantra. I live in Raipur but I am doing my professional practice in Bilaspur High Court so go for ride 2–3 times in a week. And when I made my mind to complete it I worked hard for it”.

When asked Abhishek about his massive achievement who made the state proud by completing 1200km brevet in 75hours, is 35-year-old Abhishek. He stated that: “200, 400 and 600km brevet already under my belt so I just thought about the next step of 1200km and by God’s grace I achieved it so now it was like dream come true. When I completed 600km brevet it encourages me to go for another and it taught me a lot of things. First and foremost ‘never give up’ how much difficult the way is. So, finally I have become the first man from Chhattisgarh, which is one of the best moments of my life”.