Rockrider 520 review: Why Is it a Better Budget Bike than Other Imported Brand?

After the Rockrider 520 review, why do we think it is a steal?


During the Rockrider 520 review, we found out that the bike offered a nice raised position as we sat on the covered saddle. Moreover, the tyres were great in performance. We felt they were better than the usual Kenda tyres that come on the bike. The tyres certainly offered better handling on the tarmac as well as loam soil.


As we rode further, the Rockrider 520 review kept rolling with a good grip on the tarmac. It did not matter if it rained or was hot. The performance was consistent as it even rolled exceptionally well on small rocks and roots. When climbs came, the 13.4kg bike did pull us down. One the other hand, the downhill was bliss and so was cornering.


As we enjoyed riding the Rockrider 520 review for over a month, we covered quite a lot of distance over different routes across the city. We even handed over the bike to our specialist — Kailas Patil 3rd Indian RAAM Qualifier who rode the bike for a couple of days and handed us with some amazing findings. The route involved a variety of obstacles in the form of gravel, potholes and not to forget traffic.


During the Rockrider 520 review we even checked the preload adjuster and a lockout suspension that made the experience fun and thrilling. We could instantly lock our fork with hand and get the desired hardness/softness.Our own Abhishek Tarfe had a blast maneuvering the Rockrider 520 review through moving traffic.

These are his findings. If you are riding within the city, make sure you set the suspension somewhere between hard and medium. Riding as fast as you want or as slow, cutting through traffic or over potholes is very exciting.


At high speeds when you brake and turn, the bike is steady. The suspension can take a nasty amount of stress and the brakes conceal all your power.


What complemented and assisted in maintaining speed and maneuvering through traffic was the trigger shifting. The brand new Rockrider 520 offered a free flowing shifting without any glitches in stressful conditions while climbing as well as in traffic.





Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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Velocrush India

Velocrush India

Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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