Some Indian Instagram Cycling Accounts worth a Follow

In the 21st century, social media has become an integral part of our lives. In spite of the fast-paced life, people still find time to share, like, comment on pictures. With apps like Instagram, social media has gotten much more efficient. The inbuilt filters and hashtags allow people to click get creative instantly. Whether you are a foodie, fashion blogger, traveller or a cyclist, following and being followed is something that we all love. With cycling in India still on a rise, finding role models, inspiration and what’s new in the cycling community can be quite difficult.

Take a look at some Indian Instagram cycling that are a must follow:

  1. Vivek Radhakrishnan:
indian cyclist
indian cyclist
  1. The reason why he tops our list is because he is a true bike fanatic and a die-hard coffee lover. As the brand manager for Specialized India, you are ought to see the latest Specialized equipment and bikes never seen before on Indian roads. He surely is a man worth following on Instagram.
  • BumsOnTheSaddle:

We might have missed out on a few, but following this could certainly be a good start to stay updated easily this new year. So don’t think you are too cool for Instagram or too old. Just download the app if you don’t have and simply start following.

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