Some Indian Instagram Cycling Accounts worth a Follow

  1. Vivek Radhakrishnan:
indian cyclist
  1. The reason why he tops our list is because he is a true bike fanatic and a die-hard coffee lover. As the brand manager for Specialized India, you are ought to see the latest Specialized equipment and bikes never seen before on Indian roads. He surely is a man worth following on Instagram.
  • BumsOnTheSaddle:
  • Bangalore has a lot to offer cyclists. The lovely weather and the number of growing bicycle stores offer a variety for bike lovers to choose from. Road bikes and Mtb’s might be mainstream, but down the southern terrain fixies are also quite popular. BumsOnTheSaddle is definitely a place you might want to visit to take a sneak-peak at the lovely ladies.
  • Naveen John:
  • What Neil Armstrong is to America, Naveen John is to India- First Indian pro cyclist. This year he will be racing for an Austraila’s Number 1 Domestic pro cycling team State of Matter MAAP. With such high achievements, we are expecting a very interesting and new Instagram feed from the other continent.
  • Bikeshark:
  • While Bangalore might be on a breakaway, Mumbaikars are never left behind. The youngest bikers from the cycling fraternity decided to start their own biking store and supply some of the latest high-performance bikes and accessories to the booming community. Walk in anytime for some ‘Rajmachi Special Chai’ and the Bikeshakers will give you enough of reasons to come in again.
  • Milam Saxena:
  • Give this man an iPhone and a bicycle and watch him put technology and creativity together. His account by far has some fo the best shots ranging from scenic views, candid moments, close-ups and a lot more. His pictures and, of course, his new baby (Canyon Ultimate CF SLX) guarantee to leave you jealous.
  • Pune Wolfpack:
  • While Bangalore and Mumbai might be leading the peloton, Pune is not left behind. With Micheal Lehnig as their coach, there is a lot to be expected from these young and strong cycling enthusiasts.
  • Team Chai for Raam:
  • As the way things are, cycling scenes in India are more focused on endurance than racing. Take a look at a promising cyclist from Pune, Chaitanya Vehlal who will most probably represent India at RAAM 2017 in the solo category. Besides, endurance cycling, Chai as he is lovely called is also a triathlete, personal trainer and an avid blogger. Follow him to watch him train and build his strong to RAAM 2017.
  • VeloCrushIndia:
  • Last but not the least, following them without following us can be a crime. With a new Instagram strategy in place for 2016, our feed is the ideal learning and motivating experience for every cyclist across for the world. From #MondayMotiation to #TuesdayTip. From Wednesday Repost to Fancy people and Fancy bikes, our feed is made for the cyclist by the cyclist. Make sure you send us your pictures If we like them you will see them feature on our feed.




Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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Velocrush India

Velocrush India

Indian Cycling Under One Roof

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