Some Suggestions for your New Year Cycling Resolution

Velocrush India
2 min readJan 6, 2018

It’s a new year already and we all might have made some new year cycling resolution for twenty 18. While covering more miles than last year and eating more healthy food are common ones, here are a few new year cycling resolutions for you.

Follow a training plan:-

Those of you looking to boost their cycling fitness, get yourself a well-designed structured training plan. A good training plan will not only help you get in shape but also help you tame your new year cycling resolution.

Learn basic maintenance skills:

Learning the basics of fixing a puncture, tweaking gears will not only make you love the sport more but also let you save money and time. Tons of videos are available on cycling maintenance, get started right now!

Don’t just ride, lift or run:

Besides turning those pedals, get some mobility work into your training routine. This will not only strengthen your core and other muscles, it will make you feel far more comfortable on the bike. It will also protect you from injuries.

Eat healthy:-

We know that following a strict diet in the New Year can be a difficult choice. Hence, start off slow. Cut down on your junk and add get into the habit of eating healthy on and off the bike.

Add some climbs:

Falling in love with cycling is easy but not when it comes to the climbs. Add climbs to your training. Hills reps can not only make you faster upward but also make you slowly love them.


While you might enjoy adding miles, don’t forget to recover well. Also, remember to focus on quality instead of quantity. If you are following any training plan, make sure to have at least one rest day to recover.

Got your own New Year cycling resolution on mind? Comment and let us know!