Step-By-Step Evolution of Cyclist [A Trap We Don’t Mind Falling Into]

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4 min readMar 30, 2018


Evolution of cyclist is a trap we all fall into. But ever wondered how you got so deep into the sport?

Right from buying a bicycle to your first fall, you make progress. However, you fail to take notice of the different stages of your evolution from Point A to B.

At one point, your wife is happy and proud that you cycle, but then as years pass by, you spend too much time cycling outdoors, which only makes her mad at you.

If you are imagining how you got so far, here’s a timeline that will leave you laughing. So do read and share it with your partner in crime!

Get a bike:

The most important of all, to start cycling you need a bike and so you ask around, look up the internet and simply buy one.

Start using Strava:

Now as you are going to go out and ride your bike, recording it is a must. And what better than downloading Strava to map your route, tame Personal records and count the burned calories.

Ride 20–30 km:

Excited upon the purchase of your new bike, you start cycling 20–30 km regularly. It seems to be tough at the beginning, but you get over it and enjoy the sport.

Invest in cycling apparel:

Your rear starts to hurt as you increase the distance gradually. Moreover, to cover more distance, you need to leave early and ride through the dawn. Also, by now you understand the importance of wearing apparel and cycling gear.

Buy Garmin:

By now Strava has already got you hooked to numbers, segments and KOM/QOM but somewhere it’s not enough. So you go ahead and gift yourself a brand new Garmin.

Go clipless:

Your numbers on the bike aren’t that impressive. You want to go fast on flats and crush those hills. You want to have a higher average and cadence than anyone else. To handle this situation, you get yourself clipless pedals.

Fall off clipped in:

Right now everything seems fine, except the part of stopping. You are riding at a good pace and the feeling of being an extension of your bike is liberating. However, suddenly there is a signal and you are supposed to stop. Completely forgotten about your clipless pedals, you go to halt and there you are on the floor.

Your first fall clipped in. Scary wasn’t it?


Now that you have got a hang of cycling while clipped in, you‘re truly enjoying the speed and the adrenaline rush. Trying to tame as many segments or even a KOM, you are unstoppable, until suddenly you hit rock-bottom. You crash.

A fracture, a few stitches or a broken bone, it doesn’t stop you from getting on your bike or even buying a new one. Your family does get worried about you, but you know the wheels have to keep rolling!

Ride 50 -70 kilometres:

Now that you are back from recovery, you focus more on your fitness and try to cover more miles. You ride longer and discover more routes. Even meet cycling buddies like you.

Your first 100km ride:

Read tips for your first-century ride here!

Your investment in buying a bicycle and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle has paid off. All the short and long rides until now have certainly got you above normal average. You even go ahead and do a grand fondo. You are a superstar among your family, friends and colleagues.

Group rides:

Now that 100 km of cycling seems to be a breeze, you go at it regularly. You come across many cyclists like yourself; exchange numbers and ride together. Now you have friends who speak the same language. :)

Carbon wheels:

Your legs feel strong, your lungs feel like a tank and you ride fast but your bike seems slow. You upgrade your stock wheelset to carbons and off you go!

Participate in Brevets:

In India, brevets are a big thing! Every cyclist, no matter how young, old, fat or skinny, participates in a brevet and so do you. It is a tradition, isn’t it?

Participate in a Race/Tour:

Your cycling has reached the next level. By now you have the best of everything and want to ride further into new territories. You want to explore what you are capable off even if it is a challenge. So you participate in tours or even races to explore the inner you!

If you are looking to find the inner you, check out Tour De Chhattisgarh, Tour of Nilgiris and the Old Mumbai — Goa route!

Invest in a trainer/Zwift: Download the app here

Your addiction to cycling has no stopping. Even your family for that matter, have completely given up on you and your madness to investing in cycling parts, accessories and now a new high-end home trainer.

When your family questions why you need it?

You tell them, it’s not safe to ride outside in the rains and a home trainer is just right!

And when your wife yells at you saying, but there’s no space in the house!

You revert by saying, “it is okay. It’s foldable and fits anywhere”.

Read a book on training:

With all said and done, you just can’t stop thinking when you are off the bike. So you start reading a training book to better your skills on the bike as well as guide others.

Think you know someone who will relate to the above-mentioned evolution of cyclist? Do share this article with them! And don’t forget to comment and add if you think we missed out on something.

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