Tips to Stay Cool on Your Next Winter Ride

Velocrush India
3 min readJan 20, 2022


It’s getting cooler these days and waking up for a ride seems next to impossible. Staying in bed a little longer underneath the blanket is all we desire, don’t we?

But if you are one of those who is looking to make the most of cycling in this nippy weather. Here are a few tips that can help you stay warm during the ride.

Cover your ears:

We have been told a million times by our elders to cover our ears in the cold, aren’t we? This is because they are comprised of main cartilage and lack insulating fat. Hence, they get cold within minutes. So cover them!

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Insulate your liquids:

When everything around you is cold, a sip of hot water or a brew can make you feel incredibly good. This will surely not help you stay warm but will comfort your mouth and hands, and keep you going.

Wear inner base layer:

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Layering within your jersey can make a huge difference. It will trap the heat realised by your body and keep you warm. So invest in really good inners, it will help you stay dry and keep you warm.

Ride at a consistent pace:

When you head out for a ride, you feel the chill crawling inside you. But after you ride a bit, you start feeling the warmth. However, as your tempo drops, you suddenly again feel cold. This makes it uncomfortable and unenjoyable to ride. In such cases, try to ride at a consistent pace.

Ride slow:

The wind chill is so common when you ride at a high pace. And if you want to get away with those chills as you pedal forward, start riding slower. And in the case of intervals, do them indoors for the time being.

Train indoors:

For those of you who don’t want to deal with the headache of prepping for winter cycling or just don’t wish to head out, indoor training on a home trainer would be a great option.

Full cycling gloves:

Your hands are going to get cold no matter what. So make sure you wear a good pair of cycling gloves that protect your hands at all times. Besides, they also come in handy in times of a fall.

Wear a jacket too:

A Gillet or a cycling jacket over your jersey can provide the right kind of insulation. The inner base layer will absorb sweat, your jersey will keep you insulated and the jacket will provide comfort.

Get a frame bag:

At times it might just be too much to carry around. And if you are riding long distances, a frame bag can make all the difference. You can drop in your Gillet, neckwarmer and other things.

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