Top 10 Cycles in India 2021 Price & Reviews [Brands we Recommend]

It’s quite often we get confused when it comes to choosing the best bicycle. With so many bicycles, settling on the right one can be a time-consuming affair. To ease your life, we have listed the top 10 cycles in India from different categories that you just can’t go wrong with.

The list has a number of top cycle brands from India and abroad, you wish you had them all. After completing our list of the top 10 cycles in India, we felt the need to have more bikes and completely agree with the N+1 formula. After all, who doesn’t like bikes that are fast and comfortable?

While roadbikes are for those who like going fast, Mountains bikes are completely opposite. The wide tyres offer more traction and help you get better comfort. If you like to enjoy both sides of the coin, a hybrid is the way to go. Have a look at the bicycle pyramid chart to get a better idea of what we are talking about.

Top 10 cycles in India: MTB

Wider tyres, immense comfort and amazing handling. That’s what makes a perfect MTB according to us. You can afford to be careless, go fast, go hard and ride wherever the hell you want, however, you want. We were so tempted to add more MTBs to our top 10 cycles list but had to resist and keep them for some other time.

Without any further adieu, here are the top 10 cycles in India — MTB category

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Scott Aspect:

The SCOTT Aspect 750 is a hardtail MTB that is pretty light, and comes with good components for an anyone looking to get into mountain biking. The bicycle comes with powerful Shimano mechanical disc brakes, Suntour XCT-MLO with a lockout and 27.5" wheel size.

Key Features:

Frame: Scott double-butted 6061-aluminum

Fork: SR Suntour XCT-MLO, 100mm-travel w/lockout

Front Derailleur:Shimano FD-M190, 34.9mm

Brakes: Shimano mechanical disc, 6-inch rotors


  • Alloy double wall rims
  • Quick and smooth shifting
  • Front and rear mechanical disc brakes


  • Heavier wheel set

Click to buy this top 10 cycle from the MTB category now

GT AVALANCHE SPORT (27.5) (2018)

There’s not MTb that shifts better than the GT Avalanche Sport 27.5. The bike is equipped with a 100mm suspension fork with lockout and Altus- Alivio combo that makes riding super fun!


  • 100mm Suspension Fork with Lockout
  • Powerful Shimano Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • Smooth 27-Speed Altus-Alivio drivetrain


  • Might need wider pedals for better foot placement

Btwin Rockrider ST 100: INR 16,999

Well, not everyone has a fat budget. However, they want to have all the features that an expensive MTB would offer. The Btwin Rockrider ST 100 gets pretty close to that. Smooth shifting, comfortable geometry, really good nylon tyres wrapped over double walled rims and a lot more.

If you’re a beginner and are looking to ride on road and dirt, the ST 100 is a good choice.


  • Double walled rims
  • Durable and sturdy frame
  • Smooth gear shifting


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • No disc brakes
  • The seat could be better

Still, need more reasons to buy this top 10 cycle from the MTB category? Watch the detailed review of the BTwin Rockrider ST 100 on our Youtube Channel. You will be conviced!

Montra Trance Pro INR 17,600:

Enjoy commuting or doing on leisure rides?

The Montra Trance pro is a good bet!

The 6061 alloy frame along with Shimano Tourney and Altus is a good combination for the cyclist for are looking to get started with cycling!


  • Double walled alloy wheels
  • Sturdy and versatile frame


  • Steel rigid fork
  • No quick release on the rear

Click to buy it from here

Btwin Rockrider 520 INR 25,999:

Thinking about getting a bicycle that offers great performance at a reasonable price? Then consider looking at the Btwin Rockrider 520. It’s certainly one of our favourite from the list of top 10 cycles in India. Equipped with double disc brakes, 24-speed SRAM X3, 27.5 Aero Evo wheels, the 520 is everything you would dream to ride on any kind of road.


  • Value for money
  • Packed with top-notch features
  • Great riding portion and feel


  • Frame a bit on the heavier side

Where can you buy it?

At any decathlon store

Read the full review here.

Cannonade Trail 4 INR 66,200:

If you’re aware of the Brand Cannondale, you are surely aware of the trail series that are very famous. The trail 4 is an ideal bike for those who are looking out for a performance packed MTB. The bike comes with the latest 1x gearing combo the makes the drivetrain super simple. However, the bike still offers a huge range of gears for acceleration and climbs.

Where can you buy it?

1. Track and trail store


  • Strong and lightweight alloy frame
  • Smooth and quick Shimano SLX 1x11 derailleurs
  • Heavy treaded 27.5 tires


  • Hard handlebar grip

Cycling tips for beginners that you should read!

Kona Lava Dome INR 41,699:

The Kona Lava Dome is a bike that’s just like your best friend. You can ride it in the dirt, poke around your neighbourhood and even get rough on the roads. Equipped with a Suntour suspension fork and Shimano Altus and Alivio the bike is surely going to be your best buddy!

If you’re not looking for a bike that’s meant for serious riding, the Lava dome is what you need.


  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wheel size 29er


  • NA

Scott Aspect 950: INR 40,500

Build in line to the Scott scale series, the Scott Aspect is reasonably priced and an efficient hardtail mountain bike. It comes with Suntour XCT-HLO, Shimano FD M190 (front) and Shimano Altus (rear).

Where can you buy it?

Bikeshark, keny cycles in Mumbai


  • Well -designed frame
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Wide handlebar grips


  • Groupset could have been better

Raleigh Cannon INR 32,925:

Renowned brands that used to be popular in the early 18 and 19s, Raleigh is very much alive in the Indian market. Hence, it’s no surprise it makes it to our list of top 10 cycles in India. The canon 27.5 gives a tough fight to other brands with its features like aluminium alloy disc & V-Brake compatible, replaceable derailleur hanger, Raleigh suspension with hydraulic lockout and more.


  • Suspension with Hydraulic Lock Out
  • Replaceable Derailleur Hanger
  • Alloy Disc & V-Brake Compatible


  • Crankset could be better

Montra Backbeat 27.5" (2018) INR 18,700:

If you are looking for a performance-focused hardtail MTB on a tight budget, the Montra Backbeat 27.5” (2018) is an ideal choice to consider. The bike comes with disc brakes and a decent Shimano groupset that qualifies it to make it to our top 10 cycles list.


  • Well-treaded tyres for added grip
  • Mechanical front suspension lock-out
  • Shimano tourney shifters at the front and rear


  • No quick release

Buy it from here

Top 10 Cycles in India: Hybrid

Can’t decide whether you want more speed or comfort?

Worry not! Go for a hybrid bike!

If you really can’t decide between an MTB or a Road bike, these top 10 cycles from the hybrid category will allow you to go fast, stay comfortable and last you really long.

Here are the top 10 cycles in India from the hybrid category that is worth your money!

Btwin Riverside 120 INR 11,999:

Designed for rides up to two hours, the Btwin riverside is a good bike for those looking to get started with cycling after long. This unisex bike comes with a rigid steel fork that can be used on roads and in parks. You can even use it to go on a long bike ride, every now and then. Besides, the bike is also equipped with 8 indexed speed gears that make your bike ride fun!

Where can you buy it?

Any decathlon store or even online.


  • Durable frame
  • Double butted rims


  • No quick release at the rear
  • Groupset could have been better

Firefox Rapide 21s: INR 19,000

Excellent value for money, the Firefox Rapide 21s is a good entry level hybrid that is equipped with a decent component at an aggressive price. It’s one of our personal favourites and have recommended plenty of people who have a similar budget. The alloy frame bike is equipped with rim brakes, rigid fork and Shimano Acera gears at the rear wheel is the major reason why it makes it to our list of top 10 cycles in India.

If you’re looking to upgrade from a basic bicycle, the Rapide 21s is a good choice.

Giant Escape 3 INR 29,000:

Looking to optimise your ride on Indian roads, consider upgrading to the Giant Escape 3. Equipped with Tektro V- brakes, Shimano Tourney groupset and fast rolling wheels make it ideal for an avid cyclist or an occasional tourer.



1.Fast rolling wheels

2.Comfortable saddle

3. Well-designed frame

4. Tektro V- brakes


1. Uncomfortable handlebar grip

2. No quick release for the seat

Cannonade Bad Boy INR 62,700:

If you ask us one of our favourites on this list, it definitely is the cannonade, Bad boy. Fast, efficient, responsive and very powerful, the bad boy is far cooler looking than any bike out there.

The Smartform C2 aluminium frame and a rigid innovate left fork makes it a smooth bike on urban roads. The Shimano Altus combination ensures a smooth shifting and mechanical disc brakes that offer instant braking at your fingertips.


  • Lightweight and great frame and fork build
  • Aesthetic design and quality paint job


  • Lack of hydraulic disc brakes
  • Lefty is not meant for all

Scott Metrix 10 INR 44,000:

Without a doubt, the Scott Metrix 10 is an all-rounder bike that’s made for commuting, fitness rides and even long-distance touring. This urban bicycle is quite like a road bike but with a flat bar that makes riding super fun.

Where can you buy it?


  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Good braking response
  • Lightweight frame


  • Low-quality pedals
  • Front derailleur not up to the mark

Cannonade Quick 5 INR 44,600:

Built on a strong and lightweight full alloy frame, the quick 5 offers speed and great comfortable geometry. With this bike, you can commute, go one long weekend rides and even occasional touring. What we love about this bike more is the Save or the Synapse Active Vibration Elimination technology on the frame that reduces road shock vibrations drastically.


  • Synapse Active Vibration Elimination Technology
  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Shimano Sora 18-Speed road gearing components
  • All weather hybrid tires with puncture protection


  • Saddle could be better

Botecchia Lite Cross INR 39,900:

A relatively new brand in the Indian market, Botecchia is an Italian brand that makes high-quality frames. If you’re looking to tour across the country on a bicycle, the lite cross is a smart choice.


  • Bottecchia V-Brakes
  • Alu 6061 Hydroformed Frame
  • 700x35 C tyres


  • NA

Ridley Cordis 2 (2018) 28,500:

The Ridley Cordis 2 is a hybrid bicycle that offers good features for those looking to buy a bike for fitness and commuting purpose. The made for India bicycle comes with Kwik Tendril 700x32C tires, Promax V-brakes, Shimano tourney (front) and Shimano Acera (rear).


  • Lightweight and strong 6061 alloy frame
  • Smoother gear shifting


  • Uncomfortable handle grips

Where can I buy this bike?

  • Track and Trail store

Montra Blues 1.2 D 27,900:

Montra Blues 1.2 D is a great option for cyclists looking for a performance hybrid bicycle capable of long distance riding and touring. The montra blues has been a hit among cyclist looking to get back to cycling and so it makes it to our top 10 cycles list


  • Comfortable riding position
  • Shimano Altus front derailleur, a Shimano Acera rear derailleur and Shimano Altus shifters.
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes


  • NA

Buy it from here

Merida Crossway 5V PL INR 22,315:

If you’re looking a the best-suited bicycle for touring, fitness and commuting purpose, the Merida Crossway is for you.


  • Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs
  • Suntour NEX Suspension fork with 63mm of travel


  • Shimano Revo Shifters

Our Definitive Guide on How to buy a Bicycle for Adults!

Top 10 cycles in India: Road bikes

If speed and going aero is all you wish, there’s nothing better than a road bike to give you that rush. Just make sure you handle with care, be it potholes or just bad roads. Below are top 10 cycles from the roadbike category that will guarantee to leave you awe-struck. The sleek frames, high-end groupsets will want you to stare at them for long.

Fuji Sportif 2.1 INR 61,990:

Japanese manufacturer, Fuji is known to make bicycles that offer performance to all kinds of riders. One of them happens to be the Fuji Sportif 2.1 which is ideal for anyone looking to kickstart road biking. Built around A2-SL butted aluminium frame and equipped with Shimano Sora, the bike is good if you enjoy climbing.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Value for money

Scott speedster Series: Starting from INR 40,000

Built on the principal of the Scott Foil, the speedster 20 is a fast, aero efficient and excellent all speed handling bike. If you’re looking for a bicycle that naturally offers a fast and responsive ride with excellent upgrade potential, the Scott speedster 20 is what you should be looking at. Earlier this bike used to come with Shimano 105, however, you will get the same model with Shimano Tiagra.

Marin Gestalt 2:

Those of you looking for a partner who can take you through gravel, roads and over mountains, the Marin Gestalt 2 is worth the buy. The 30 mm rubber tyres, might not be the fastest but are surely comfortable and make riding on every terrain fun.


  • Can be customised for wider tires
  • Good gear system for mounting biking and road
  • Can be upgraded
  • Good braking system


  • Doesn’t support V-Brakes
  • Cable slot is vulnerable to debris

Read our full review here

Trek Damone:

Remember Fabian Cancellara racing through the spring classics abroad a trek Domane?

Well, you can have one too!

The Trek Domane comes with Shimano Ultegra groupset, disc brakes and a full carbon frame that will make you drool! This bike is a winner on our top 10 cycles in india list!


  • Smooth ride quality
  • Value for money


  • The wheels could be better

Why should you buy it?

Buy it if you are looking for speed, ability at a lower price.

Specialised Allez Elite: INR 60,000

The Specialized Allez is an entry-level road bike that doesn’t fail to live up to its name. The Bike comes with a great frame that makes it one of the best sub-grand bikes out there. If you have a budget slightly over INR 50000, this top 10 cycles from the road bike category if worth every penny.


  • Excellent ride quality
  • Affordable


Can be installed with a better groupset

Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0:

Those of you who love high-end carbon bikes will definitely want to get their hands on the Canyon Ultimate Cf SL Disc 8.0. The bike offers a brilliant ride quality that’s supported by its great drive train and wheels.


  • Light agile drive train
  • Comes with Shimano Ultegra Di2 for smooth shifting


  • NA

BMC Road machine 01 One:

Those of you, who are looking for a bike to ride on the pure tarmac at high speeds over any distance, should consider going for the BMC road machine. The bike comes with a light frame and high-end groupo that makes it reactive and fast.


  • Carbon TCC Frame and fork
  • Ultegra Di2 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Super fast, light and accurate shifting


  • Pricy for a bike equipped with Shimano 105

Cervélo S5 Dura-Ace Di2:

This is what dreams are made off!

With the Cervelo S5, you can step into the future of road bike designs that are far more unique from its competitors.

Fuji Gran Fondo 2.1:

Specialized S-Works Venge INR:

If you are looking for a bike that’s fast, the Venge is the best it can get. The Rider-First Engineered™, FACT 11r frame not only makes the Venge the most aerodynamic road bike we’ve ever created, but it’s also lightweight and stiff in all the right places. Needless to say, this is what makes the Venge so special and has been a favourite among cyclist across the globe and so we deiced to add it to our top 10 cycles in india list!.


  • Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 groupo
  • Roval CLX 64 disc wheels


  • Price tag

Top Ten Cycles: 29er

Merida Big Nine:

Merida is a renowned bicycle brand that is known to make cycles for athletes, right from beginners to pro racers. The Big Nine 29er is a lightweight performance bicycle that is made from an alloy frame and comes with quality Shimano components and 100mm front suspension. Not to forget the 29 in wheels that roll over every pothole without you feeling a thing.

Key Features:

Frame: Big Nine TFS-D SIZES 15–17–19–21–23

Brakes: F/R Tektro HDC-301

Front Derailleur: Shimano M370

Montra Madrock 29er:

Another affordable 29 inch cycle that you can consider buying is the Montra mad rock. The mad rock comes with a 29inch wheel set, 60 mm suspension fork, Shimano groupset and mechanical disc brakes making it an affordable 29er.

Key Features:

  • 29 inch wheels
  • Powerful Logan Mechanical Disc brakes


Powerful disc brakes


Front suspension could have more travel

So which of the above top 10 cycles in India is your favourite? Or which one are you looking to buy from the list?

Is there any bicycle that you feel needs to be added to our list of top 10 cycles in India?

Do comment and let us know your thoughts on the same




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