[Top 9] Best Fat Bikes In India — For Kids and Adults [2018]

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8 min readAug 11, 2018

Some of the best fat bikes in India have slowly gained a lot of momentum, especially among kids. Once, not so popular bikes in India are sold on a large scale and are ridden almost everywhere. However, people here, fail to realise that these bikes are made for riding in the snow, sand or mud. It can even be ridden in places where and MTB might fail.

But before we get into the list of the best fat bikes in India, let’s start with the basics.

What is a fat bike?

According to googles definition, a fat bike, also known as a fat tyre bike is an bicycle that has overrides tires (around 3.8 in (97 mm)that fit on larger rims. These bikes are suitable for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand and mud.

So if you living in India and are looking for a fat bike, make sure such terrain is available around you.

What are the advantages of Fat tyre bikes?

1. Fat bikes are fun to ride

Remember when you were a kid and you learned how to ride a bicycle?

Yes, that’s the memory you will enjoy when you ride a fat tyre bike.

2. Fat bikes are super comfortable-

As fat bikes come with large volume low-pressure tyres, they act as shock absorbers. As these tyres absorb most of the vibration from riding, there is less stress on your hands and lower back.

3. Easy to ride-

The large bicycle tyres offer more balance and control which gives the rider more confidence to seek more adventure.

4. Versatile-

The frame of the fat bike is designed more like a mountain bike. This allows people to ride their bikes just like a mountain bike on sand, snow, mud and gravel.

Now that we are done with the benefits, let’s move on to the list of the best fat bikes in India-

1. Roulik Avalanche INR 23000:-

best fat bikes in India

A brand known to manufacture electric bicycles, Roulik also manufactures fat bikes — Roulik Avalanche that is available in India.

Key features of Roulik Avalanche 38.0

  • This bike comes with a lightweight aluminium 6061 frame
  • It is equipped with a front suspension
  • Comes along with Kenda tyres and Shimano drive train

The 4 inch wide tyres will provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride on sand, snow, desert, beachside or just anywhere.

Derailleur: Front- Shimano Altus M190, Rear- Shimano Altus M280; Shifter: Shimano SL-EF-65–8S-22.2mm; Crank: 24/34/42TX170mm; Freewheel: Shimano Cassette 8 speed black

Roulik Avalanche Fat bike price in India — INR 23000

2. LA Sovereign Extreme Terrain:-

best fat bikes in India

Another best fat bike in India is the LA Sovereign. It is an Indian bicycle brand that specializes in providing high-quality imported bikes. This fat bicycle brand has quickly made a name for itself in the Indian market.

As per the company website, they have a tie-up with a business in Thailand to market their products in India. However, La Sovereign has quickly made a name for itself in the bicycle market of India.

Key features of the bike are:

  • This fat bicycle comes with 6061 Aluminium alloy frame to
  • The bike comes with disc brakes that offer better braking. However, this also adds on to the overall weight of the bicycle.
  • The bikes is equipped with Shimano front and rear derailleur are Shimano — RD M25.
  • The bikes comes with Shimano thumb shifter TDS -50
  • The Fat bike tyre size is 26×4 inches
  • The bicycle weights around 16 Kgs.

LA Sovereign fat bike price in India — INR 25,649

3. Montra Big Boy Fat Bike

Montra has been manufacturing fat bicycles in India as well. Their new Big boy fat bike is apparently a high-performance bicycle. Designed in England, the fat bike offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience. So if you’re an adventurous person looking to have some fun on rough and uneven terrain, the bike might suffice your need.

best fat bikes in India

Key Features:

  • This bike as well comes with a 6061 aluminium alloy frame
  • The bike comes Shimano Tourney that offers a decent shifting experience
  • Similar to other fat bikes in the market, the bike comes with 26×4 Inch tyres
  • The fat bike also comes with mechanical disc brake

4. Sturdy Fat Bike:

best fat bikes in India

If you are looking for a fat bike in India that is under INR 15000, the sturdy fat bike is what you should be looking at.

Key Features:

  • The bike comes with a carbon steel frame
  • It is equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear
  • The overall weight of the bicycle is around 23 kgs which is high
  • The bikes come with a 21 speed Shimano gears
  • The bicycle is available in 18 inches

Fat Bike Price in India INR 16,999

5. Atlas Peak Big Boss Fat Tyre Cycle (INR 25000)

best fat tyre cycles India

Atlas, is one of the most renowned brands in the Indian market. Their peak boss fat bicycle is another bicycle that fits in our list of the best fat bikes in India.

Key features of the bike are:

  • The bike comes with an alloy frame
  • It is equipped with 21 speed Shimano groupset (front and rear)
  • The front tyre of the fat bike comes with a cable wire brake while the rear wheel is fitted with a disc brake
  • The tyre size is size is 26×4 inches — Wanda
  • The frame size is 18 Inches
  • The overall weight of the bike is around 18kgs

6. Marlin Fat Boy 26X4 — Fatbike (INR 26,990):

Best fat bikes in india

Marlin has been around for quite some time and is popularly known for their fat bikes. The brand is a Hong Kong based company having a presence in Bangalore, India.

The Marlin Fat bike is an All Terrain Bike (ATB) that is ideal for extreme terrains like sand dunes and snow.

Best fat bike in India for kids:

Like we said earlier, fat bicycles are quite popular among kids. The fat tyres, sleek frame paired with flashy paint job is what makes it loved by them.

1. COSMIC Fatso INR 15,000:

Cosmic fatso is a popular choice when it comes to buying a fat tyre cycle in India under 15,000. This fat bicycle for kids is suitable for those who are aged between 5 to 8 years old.

best fat bikes in India

Have a look at what this kids fat bicycle has to offer:-

Key features:

  • Comes with a steel frame that makes is strong and sturdy
  • Equipped with Shimano 7 Speed shifters and deraileur
  • Also has Rust free alloy rims and stem
  • Sealed cartridge bb set
  • The fat bike as 20"x4. Inch tyres

2. Mongoose Massif Fat Tyre Bicycle:

The mongoose massif is another popular fat bicycle for kids that you can consider buying. The bike comes with 4 inch wide tyres that offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

Have a look at the key features:

The key feature of the bike include:

  • The bicycle frame is made from alloy
  • It comes with 4 inch wide tyres with disc brakes
  • It also comes with rear wheel Shimano derailleur with 7-speed control

3. Montra Bigboy Fat Bicycle:-

Another fat bicycle for kids that you can consider buying is the Big boy fat cycle by Montra. Just like most of the brands, Montras’ fat bike comes with aluminium allow frame and a rigid fork.

best fat bikes in India

Key features of the Montra Big Boy Fat bicycle:

  • Comes with an aluminium frame and a rigid steel fork
  • It is equipped with a Shimano Tourney, RD-TZ21, 6-Speed rear derailleur
  • The tyres used are Wanda 20×4 inch

These are some of the best fat bikes in India. Feel free to comment below and let us know your experience riding a fat bike.

Where can I ride my fat bike?

Fat bikes are meant to be ridden on sand, snow, mud and gravel. The can also be ridden on off-road as they grip the trails better.

Can I ride my Fat Tyre Cycle to Work or School?

If you are looking for a bicycle to commute, why would you choose a fat bike? A fat bike would surely require more effort which will make you sweat more, so why ride a fat bike to work?

Just get an MTB or a hybrid that are light and quick.

Here’s our list of the best MTB cycles In India under INR 10000

Get the list of the best Hybrid Bicycles between INR 15,000 to INR 30,000

Is it fun to ride a Fat Tyre cycle?

Fat bikes like any other bike are fun to ride. Their wide tyres running on low-pressure act as shock absorbers that let you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Needless to say, if you’re getting back to cycling, get a simple bicycle instead of a fat bike. An MTB or a Hybrid would be something that you would truly enjoy.

Can I ride the best fat bikes in India on the road?

Yes, you can certainly ride a fat bicycle on road. However, it will be very tiring as these bikes require a lot of energy. Also, if the roads are windy, you are going to have a tough time.

For instance, let’s just say you decide to wear your winter clothes on a hot summer day? How would you feel? That’s how you would feel riding a fat bicycle.

So, we wouldn’t advice you to ride them everywhere. Use it for the road conditions that it is made for.

Are you using any of the above mentioned best fat bikes in India? Leave a comment below and let us know your experience on the same.

Note: Velocrush in no way what so ever had been paid by any of the above-mentioned brands Also, we have not personally reviewed any of the brands. The list is just a list of some of the best fat bikes in India that are available.