WaltX Spark 5 Review — Electric Bicycle Review [Price & Weight]

Velocrush India
5 min readNov 14, 2021

Recently, we got the Waltx Spark 5 e-bicycle for full service. So we decided, why not review it for you?

We serviced the bike and took it out for a test ride and here’s our review on the spark 5.


Waltx Spark 5 Review

Owned by Transworld E cycles Pvt. Ltd. limited, the frame of the Waltx spark 5 is made from 6061 aluminium alloy. The focus of the geometry is more on comfort, thus making it suitable for fitness and recreational purpose.

Painted in black and blue, the bike sure looks like a premium finished bike. We were quite happy with the frame design and of course the paint job.

Fork & Handle:

We were surprised to find a rigid fork on an e-bike that focuses more on comfort. A suspension would surely have added more weight, however, it would have made the bike more comfortable while commuting or literally riding anywhere else, right?

Maybe the brand decided to go ahead with a rigid fork as it’s a hybrid and for them, it felt right. Or it could be cost-cutting.

Drive Train:

waltx cycle

As expected, the bicycle is equipped with a 1 X 7 drivetrain. The rear is equipped with a Shimano Tourney TY300 7-Speed derailleur which is controlled with the Shimano SL TX30 Trigger Shifter. We are honestly not a fan of this kind of shifters and would prefer the rapid-fire shifters instead.

Besides, with the gears, you can even ride it as a regular bicycle if you are a fitness freak.

We are not a big fan of the Shimano TY RD which usually comes with the red jockey wheel. The shifting isn’t as precise as we would want. Besides, even the barrel adjuster is pretty hard to turn at times.


WaltX cycle review

The bicycle comes equipped with Logan mechanical disc brakes in the front and the rear. They do a decent job of braking, however, the rear does feel like it lacks bite at high speeds. Besides, with any other electric bicycle, the WaltX sparks 5 has a Battery Auto cut-off which is activated when the Brakes are applied. This feature is common in all-electric bicycles by the way.


Coming to the electronics, the WaltX comes with a 36V 7.8Ah Lithium-ion battery with a waterproof casing. The battery is EU certified and can be easily removed for charging. However, our client did inform us about finding it a little hard to remove the battery after using it for over 6 months. On a full charge, the battery provides a mileage of 35km to 50km in Pedal Assist Mode and 25km to 35km in Throttle Mode. And it takes around 3–4 hours to charge from 0–100%.


The Spark 5 from WaltX has a Powerful DL 36V 250W Brushless Rear Hub Motor with a waterproof casing. This E-Bicycle has two riding modes — Pedal Assist Mode — Low, Medium and High and Throttle Mode. In Throttle mode, you will get a top speed of 25 kmph.

Rims & Tyres:

WaltX cycle review

The bicycle comes with 700X 35 double-walled rims. The rims are pretty sturdy and take the weight of the bicycle and the rider with ease. Originally, the bike did come with Kenda tyres, However, right now with the tyre shortage it is available with WandaKing Nylon and they are pretty good.

If you already own this bicycle and it came along with Kenda Tyres, do comment and let us know how they feel.


waltx cycle review

Saddle of the Waltx is pretty standard and seems fine for commute purpose. However, for longer rides a gel seat or padded shorts is advised.


The plastic pedals that come with the bike are just fine. However, after paying around 40k, I would surely want to have metal pedals that are far more sturdy and strong.

So what do we think of the WaltX Spark 5?

We’d surely want a suspension to go on the bike.

There’s no quick release on the front and rear hub.

Shimano Rd would have surely been better.

Metal pedals instead of the plastic ones.

Customer Service:

When it comes to customer service, we didn’t have a pleasant experience. We wrote them on Instagram and also emailed them on 5th October. We also followed up on the 29th of October, however, there was no response.

So if you buy this bicycle and are expecting customer support, you are on your own.

So if you are looking to buy an electric bicycle that’s suitable for commuting, this one would be ideal. And if you are looking for other options, consider looking at the Hero Lectro series.