WaltX Trail 26 S Review: WaltX Cycle Review With Price [Budget MTB]

Velocrush India
4 min readFeb 27, 2021

Owned by choose my bicycle, WaltX is an Indian brand that’s turning heads among new cycling enthusiasts. The brand offers a variety of hybrids, MTBs, Hybrids, EBikes, Fat bikes that you can choose from. And in this blog, we will review the WaltX 26S MTB.

Let’s take a look at the WaltX Trail 26 S Review !

WaltX Company Origin?

Many of you are wanting to know the WaltX company origin. As per our sources, the brand belongs to choosemybicycle.com and the cycles are manufactured in Srilanka.


The WaltX Trail 26S is made from Mild steel also known as MS. Steel is a very strong and durable material. And almost all entry levels cycles are made from this material. Bikes made from Mild Steel offer a springy feel that feels comfortable and smooth on bumpy terrains. This makes it perfect for city riding. However, this steel is likely to rust. While the paint job offers a premium finish look to the bicycle, it further provides more protection to the frame.

However, if you live on the coast, you have to take a little extra care.

The brand does claim the frame to be lightweight, however, we do find it slightly heavy than the standard bicycles.


The bicycle is equipped with an 80mm travel suspension fork that’s further adds to the comfort and efficiency on bumpy roads. With this suspension paired with a 680 mm wide handle bar, do expect quicker and sharper handling.

Drive train:

The drive train plays a vital role when it comes to performance, speed and comfortable ride. Th WaltX Trail 26S comes with Shimano Tourney TZ50, 7-Speed rear derailleur and Shimano TZ30. These gears are controlled by Shimano EF41 trigger shifters that are easy to use while sprinting or climbing.

Now, this specific Shimano Groupset is original and is made only for manufactures by Shimano. That being said, it’s not for retail. What we didn’t like about this groupset is we don’t find the shifting accurate as compared to Shimano Altus, acre and other groupsets. There’s always some sounds that might be annoying to most of you.

This groupset comes with a Red Jockey wheel and a very basic looking FD


Now moving on to the saddle. We like the saddle and it sure is comfortable even on those long tiring rides. However, pairing it up with good bib shorts will further enhance comfort and make cycling more enjoyable. On our rides, we didn’t feel the bump from rocky terrains.


The bicycle comes with Yingxin Aermes disc brakes. We are unsure about the origin of this specific brand. That being said, the disc brakes are pretty decent. They get the job done at slow as well as high speeds. However, we were not quite happy with the overall braking performance. We wouldn’t mind a disc brake in the front and. V-brake at the rear end.


The nylon tyres complement the quality of the waltz 26 S. The knobby tyres offer a great grip on wet and dry surfaces. Besides, the 26 inch tyres are just 1.95 thick which means they are not to thick and don’t slow you down.

Bottom Bracket:

waltx Trail

These days most Bicycles above INR 10000, come with Square tapered sealed cartridge bearing. The biggest advantage of this type of bottom bracket is that the bearings are sealed and they don’t get affected a lot by dirt, grime, road debris and more. As a result, they are far more durable and last longer. Besides, we also find them to be smoother than the Indian type bottom brackets that come with a cup and cone.

If you are a beginner and are looking for a decant entry level MTB that’s packed with features, the WaltX Trail 26 S is for you.